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Four Major Benefits of Video Cameras on School Buses
It seems like school districts are now being continually bombarded with new ideas and technologies for improving school bus safety. With so much technical innovation happening across the transportation industry, it's inevitable that many of these new technologies would make their way onto buses. But, which ones are actually worth the money?

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  New Developments: The Business of School Bus Parts, Tires & Inventory
School Transportation News
Maintaining a safe -- and efficient -- operation are the primary goals of any school bus fleet. To attain these goals, top-level transportation operators focus on maximizing vehicle uptime and minimizing operational costs. A recent survey by School Transportation News that focused on vehicle life, mileage, technician training, tire purchases, tire cost, parts cost and vehicle power train choice, provided some interesting data on what happened in 2018 and what trends are developing for this year.

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  Tenn. Bill that Would Make Stop-Arm Running a Felony Withdrawn, Updated
School Bus Fleet
A proposed bill that would have elevated the penalty for illegally passing a school bus from misdemeanor to a felony and increased fines was withdrawn, with plans for revised, tiered penalties. HB 0055, which was introduced on Jan. 17 by state Rep. Jason Potts, would have increased the penalty for a stop-arm violation from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class E felony, punishable by a fine ranging from $500 to $3,000.

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  School Bus Driver Recognized for Saving Students from Fiery Crash
School Transportation News
Details have emerged about a rookie school bus driver in Darlington County, South Carolina, who is being lauded as a hero for safely evacuating 40 students after a car rear-ended the bus at a railroad crossing and fire engulfed both vehicles. Neither Bernadine Reed nor her students were seriously injured, although the driver of the car was transported to a local hospital.

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  Beat of the Music on Drum Bus Helps Oxnard Students Feel Heard While They Learn
Ventura County Star
In a hollowed-out bus, a class of Harrington School students sits with their hands outstretched and fingers wiggling over African drums. One student says, "I feel happy when I play with my friends." He breaks it down by syllable, pounding the drum for each part of his statement. When he's finished, the other children follow and repeat back to him the beat and his statement. The first student is beaming -- he feels heard.

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  Encourage Kids to Read, and Not All Heroes Wear Capes
Julie Callison, a special education teacher and bus driver in Arkansas' Drew Central School District, has come up with a genius way to make sure her students read every day. The bus driver set up a "bucket of books" in the front of the bus for the kids to pick out of to read on the rides to and from school and has even set up a "special guest reader" program with older students to further keep the kids engaged.

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  Bus-to-Tiny Home Transformation Part of Student's Career-Development Plan
A Sony a6000 camera, a white 2001 Blue Bird International 65-seat school bus, and a passion for people and the outdoors are all that Penn State senior Sam Reiser needs. Living minimally on trips has inspired him to do the same in his everyday life. To do so, Reiser is currently transforming a school bus into his own tiny home. By essentially eliminating rent for himself in the future, Reiser said he will be able to focus less on material things and more on what he is constantly looking for in his travels and life: experiences.

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