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The hot debate over seat belts wages on
School bus seat belt laws exist in six states; however, some argue that bus seat belts are unnecessary, and even potentially dangerous. It's a hot topic with parents and school administrators, and this school bus safety issue is certainly worth the continued discussion.

Bad weather closings and delays: Considerations for pupil transportation
School districts and their transportation departments are often required to make tough calls to ensure student safety. One of the many challenges that administrators face is inclement weather, no matter the time of the year. Depending on where in North America you live, certain weather events can pose extreme hazards to students and staff. Preparing for severe weather should be a part of any school district's emergency plan.

School bus safety innovations: The ins and outs of electronic stability control
Introduced in the 1990s, electronic stability control is a computerized technology that improves the stability of a vehicle by detecting loss of traction, or skidding. Electronic stability control is now available on some school buses, and many districts are weighing the pros and cons of investing in this school bus safety feature.

Trivia Question

Question: Who was it that first figured out that the solar year and the man-made calendar year didn't always match up?

Answer: Ancient Egyptians.
Can you beat this Sudoku?


Training standards proposed for entry-level bus, truck drivers
School Bus Fleet
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proposed national prerequisite training standards for entry-level drivers of commercial vehicles, including school buses. The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking reflects consensus recommendations of a negotiated rulemaking committee composed of FMCSA representatives and 25 stakeholders.

The cost of tomorrow
School Transportation News
The narrator asks, "How much do you pay for a bus after you pay for a bus?" The video — produced by Thomas Built Buses — goes on to state that it's not just about the purchase price, that procuring a new bus means considering fuel and maintenance costs, as well as replacement parts, and all this on top of "overall durability."


Fun tips to keep the kids entertained over the Easter school holidays
The Weekly Review
It's Easter school holiday time. Yay! It's a time for students to wind down from study, overload on chocolate... and TV... and video games... and then... whine about being very, very bored. Luckily, we have some great boredom-busting tips to keep your children having fun over the Easter break.

Hilarious video pokes fun at all the random days kids get off school
The Huffington Post
Those precious hours when the kids are at school are invaluable to parents... until they get derailed by random holidays and days off. In their newest video, "No School Again?!", the moms of The BreakWomb poke fun at "the seemingly endless list of reasons schools give for half days, days off, etc."

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Facts about the month of March
  • March was named for Mars, the Roman god of war.
  • March was called Hlyda or Lide in Old English, which is a reference to the loud winds.
  • Not only is March Women’s History Month, but it’s also American Red Cross Month and Fire Prevention Month.
  • Aquamarine and the bloodstone are the birthstones for March. Both stones stand for courage.
  • An old proverb says that "March comes in a like a lion and goes out like a lamb", which means that winter is ending and spring is beginning.
  • March is the only month with three consecutive consonants in its name in English.
  • There are different reports about the true "birth flower." Some says it's the daffodil and others say it's violet.
  • In ancient Rome before Julius Caesar’s calendar reform, March was the first month of the year.
  • There is superstition that if Easter should fall on Lady Day (March 25) then some disaster will shortly follow.
  • When the Anglo-Saxons converted to Christianity, they held their chief season of fasting at this time, the month of 'fast of lenet monet' which in time, became 'Lent.'

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