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Student tracking software: Sharing school bus delays via social media
With a combination of GPS-based school bus tracking systems and RFID-based student tracking software, it's far more difficult for a school system to ever lose track of a student. When you know exactly which students are on each bus, and you know exactly where each bus is, there's never any guesswork involved. This automatically brings numerous benefits to administrators and transportation directors, who can do their jobs with far more efficiency.

  New heavy-duty electric drivetrain designed for school buses
Options in gasoline alternatives for student bus transportation continue to expand. As we've talked about before, both propane and natural-gas engines are becoming more popular with school districts, thanks to their lower ongoing costs and better emissions. However, both of those are still derived from fossil fuels, and aren't a "magic bullet" solution to alternative-power issues.

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  Students with disabilities: Improving school bus fire safety
Millions of students ride school buses each day, and they are considered to be one of the safest forms of transportation. Unfortunately, emergencies do happen and it's important for drivers to be prepared, especially when they transport students with disabilities.

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  Transporting Students with Disabilities urges collaboration on understanding Autism
School Transportation News
Special needs transporters need a lot of empathy as well as thick skin to be effective in their jobs, especially when that includes providing service for students with autism. So, too, do community stakeholders such as local police or sheriff's departments and school resource officers.

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  Report points to growth in school bus contracting
School Bus Fleet
Outsourcing of school transportation service is one of the fastest-growing areas in government contracting, according to a new report by Onvia. The finding comes in the 2017 edition of the commerce intelligence company's annual "10 Hotspots in Government Contracting" research.

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  Spring break staycations: 5 fun things to do with the kids
Lansing State Journal
With school out for the week for many school districts, spring break is the perfect opportunity to bond with the kids. Even if you can't get out of town, there's plenty to do around the Lansing area. Here are five ideas, with something for all age groups.

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  5 fun school designs that will make you forget your boring classrooms
Architectural Digest
Here's a look at the work of five architects who have designed quirky, colorful schools across U.K. and Europe.

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