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Orbit Employee Spotlight: Daisy Oliveras

Daisy Oliveras moved to Pennsylvania in 2009. She was born and raised in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Accounting from the University of Puerto Rico.

When Daisy arrived she started working for Orbit Software right away. Daisy enrolled in night courses where she studied English as a second language, and within a year she was proficient enough to answer the phones and assist the customers. While going to night school Daisy met her husband, and they got married in May of 2010. They have since welcomed two beautiful little girls, Kaisy, age 4, and Ziomara, her 5-month-old baby. Daisy is a huge asset to the Orbit family and her co-workers love her bubbly personality and her all around fun nature.

Not only is she the Bookkeeper, she is the receptionist as well as the Cook. She enjoys her job, but she really loves being a mother. In her spare time she loves spending time with her family, and especially enjoys her "me" time, and relaxing.

To hear Daisy's story and how she is part of the Orbit family, please view the video above.

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Does Student Tracking Ensure Safer Bus Rides?
Despite some initial controversy, RFID-based student tracking systems are beginning to be utilized around the country to make student bussing safer and more effective. In just the last couple years, programs have been implemented in Rockford, Denver, and in cities across South Carolina. Consistently, the reports have been positive: student tracking truly does help keep students safe, as well as giving districts numerous new ways to optimize their busing.
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How To Know If You're Properly Using A Student Tracking Sheet
Having to track hundreds or thousands of students in the past was normally a paperwork nightmare. However, with advances in technology and being able to have students digitally sign in or have other technologically advanced means a much better and efficient system for you. And when you have a highly efficient system that accurately tracks students who are attending school every day, you are able to get the kind of funding you need for your school.
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Sisters help stop burning bus, evacuate kids
USA Today
Beth Insley and Bettye Windom are used to helping out in emergencies, but the sisters are still getting used to nationwide media attention after their efforts to stop a burning school bus.
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Cars backing up after running a stop-arm?
School Bus Fleet
We at SBF are well aware of the problem of motorists illegally passing school buses that are stopped for students who are boarding or disembarking. Another problem that we hadn’t heard of is drivers passing a stopped bus, realizing what they’d done and then backing up their car to where they should have stopped. A school bus driver contacted us about this issue, saying that she sees this happen often, and she is concerned about the safety hazards it presents.
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American Flag Cake Recipe
This flag cake makes a terrific patriotic dessert recipefor Memorial Day or 4th of July. This flag cake starts with a cake mix, so it's easy, but feel free to use a homemade cake if you prefer. Be sure to use fresh blueberries and raspberries for this patriotic cake recipe. The frozen berries will bleed all over the cake.
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Giddy-up school bus
The Daily Astorian
A rodeo of sorts took over an abandoned runway at the Astoria Regional Airport Saturday. But it was school buses, not bulls, that lumbered their way up and down an abandoned airstrip. Drivers traversed serpentines, parallel parked and loaded a real-live first-grader, among other simulations of their everyday job.
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This Is What Smart Kitchen Gadgets Should Look Like
Today it's not uncommon for our devices to pull double, or even triple duty. A refrigerator that only keeps things cold? Please. But for all of the smarts those gadgets have, they often lack clarity and intuitive interaction that the objects of yore were so good at.
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Trivia Question

Memorial Day was created to honor fallen soldiers of:
    a. The Revolutionary War
    b. The War of 1812
    c. The Civil War
    d. World War I
Answer: The Civil War — Communities in the North and South organized the first memorial days in 1865, laying flowers on headstones in the months after the war ended. Quickly evolving into an annual tradition, "Decoration Day" was typically set for early summer. The day eventually became known as Memorial Day and now honors American soldiers killed in all wars and conflicts.

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10 Fun Facts About Memorial Day

Memorial Day is coming up, and many will have the day off, but let's remember that Memorial Day is day to remember those brave men and women who have given up their lives in defense of our country. In honor of the Day, here's 10 facts about the holiday:
  • Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May.
  • Memorial Day was observed for those who died in the Civil War but now honors who died Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghan Wars.
  • Memorial Day was originally known as Declaration Day.

Online Appointment Scheduling for Sales and Marketing

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Can You Beat This Sudoku?

Every summer, school districts without transportation software spend several months manually scheduling bus routes for their students. With BusBoss, you can reduce that to a fraction of the time by letting your computer do most of the work for you.

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