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Five trends in school bus driver retention
The current school bus driver shortage means that holding onto your existing drivers is of paramount importance. If you lose a good driver, it could be months - or more - until you find a suitable replacement. Unfortunately, due to the pressures and problems with school bus driving as a career, most districts are seeing higher-than-normal levels of driver turnover.

  School bus fleet management: Pros and cons of alt-fuels

Alternative fuels such as propane or compressed natural gas (CNG) are a hot topic within the transportation industry, including those involved in school bus fleet management. Everyone knows we have a limited supply of petroleum on the planet and that regular and diesel gasoline are harmful to the environment.

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  What is influencing the growth of electric school buses?
School Transportation News
I spend a lot of time these days reading, listening to and discussing the use of electricity to propel school buses compared to conventional diesel and other alternatives, such as renewable diesel, CNG and LPG.

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  New school buses to have seat belts under Texas law
Texas Tribune
Starting in September, Texas school districts in the market for new school buses must ensure they have shoulder-to-lap seat belts for all riders. The three-point seat belt law replaces a 2007 law that offered money to districts that opted to install seat belts in their school buses.

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  Department of Justice releases summary of school safety statistics
National School Transportation Association
The Department of Justice recently compiled a report of data collected by federal agencies as well as research by school safety experts aimed at increasing the safety of schools nationwide. The initiative was focused on K-12 public schools, including public charter schools and examines commonly held beliefs about school safety and violence.

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  Tom Hanks and James Corden do carpool — er, school bus — karaoke
Vanity Fair
Recently, a ton of artists and celebrities participated in the multi-network special XQ Super School Live, an event which "invited the public to help rethink the future of American high schools." In the middle of the hourlong special, everyone took a break to watch James Corden and Tom Hanks do some carpool karaoke. Actually, make that school bus karaoke.

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