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September Employee Spotlight: Nicole Martinez

It didn't take long for Nicole Martinez to slide into the Orbit Family. In just a little over a year, Nicole joined Orbit's ranks as a sales and marketing representative and quickly become a valued member of our team. A mother of two, Nicole fully believes in her work and the products she helps school districts implement. So in this month's Employee Spotlight, we get to know more about Nicole and what brought her here to Orbit Software in the first place — take some time to get to know her!
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A New Way of Thinking: Taking the Camera Box and Getting Out of the Box
School Transportation News
Theresa Anderson writes: "Now that the nation has returned to school, we again are faced with the recurring nightmares of lost students, 'overcrowded' buses, verified ridership and appropriate behaviors. While talking about the use of GPS and RFID, specific instances have been given on how to best use your resources. Camera systems are no different as they are an invaluable resource and asset."
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1,100 School Bus Drivers, Attendants Train in 'Safety Expo'
School Bus Fleet
More than 1,100 bus drivers and attendants took part in a back-to-school training program called "Safety Expo" last month. The Houston Independent School District expo included hands-on drills in railroad crossing safety, gang awareness, student management, emergency evacuations, hurricane preparedness, first aid and green driving.
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Bus Drivers Prepare for Back to School
While students and their parents are preparing to head back to school with clothes and supplies, bus drivers are getting ready by test driving their assigned routes. Every year at this time, drivers complete dry runs, making sure the path they travel is the safest for their students. "We have to look out for low branches, low wires, telephone wires, etc.," said Herb Wolfram, a bus driver with New York's West Genesee School District.
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Cheesy Vegetable Chowder
Lulu The Baker
This recipe has a long history with my little family. I got the original version from my sister-in-law when my husband and I were newlyweds. We had just moved into our condo with the bright red kitchen. I have such fond memories of that kitchen! Anyway, the only veggies in the recipe back in those days were potatoes, and it called for turkey bacon. I remember thinking “heck no!” to turkey bacon and using regular bacon instead. It made the soup soooooo salty; it’s a wonder I kept making it after that, although I never again used bacon of any kind! And it originally only served 2, which was fine at the time but not really enough for a growing family.
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iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6 Plus: What Should You Buy?
Tech Times
For the first time in its history, Apple now has two flagship smartphones on the market. While Apple did offer the iPhone 5c last year, that device was intended more as a midrange device. Here are a number of differences between the two devices and why you might need one over the other.
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Trivia Question

Question: Francis Scott Key wrote what song during the attack on Fort McHenry, Sept. 14, 1814?

Answer: "The Star-Spangled Banner"

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10 Fun Facts About Education

1.The number of students enrolled in American schools from kindergarten through college now totals approximately 78.8 million.

2. In 1995, approximately 50 percent of American schools had Internet access. Today, that number is 100 percent.

3. The oldest public school in the United States is Boston’s Latin School, which was founded on April 23, 1635. Five of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were Latin School graduates, including Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Robert Treat Paine, Samuel Adams and William Hopper.

4. In the U.K., the term “public school” refers to a private academy. This seeming anomaly dates back to the Middle Ages when private charities started schools to provide education for the poor.

5.Although Thomas Jefferson had supported the concept of free public education, elementary schooling was only available to America's wealthy until the 1840s when reformers like Horace Mann of Massachusetts and Henry Barnard of Connecticut began to push for tax-funded schools in the belief universal education would produce good citizens, unite society, prevent crime and end poverty.

6. Until the 1930s, most Americans only completed eight years of school. "High School" only became popular during the Great Depression when job-strapped communities saw benefits to keeping teenagers in class and out of the workforce where they'd only serve as low-cost competition to adults.

Can You Beat This Sudoku?

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