Brighten up Your Winter With a Group Trip to a Conservatory

In many cities and towns, you can find a marvelous oasis for your group to enjoy a break from the cold: an indoor botanic garden or conservatory. When visiting one of these cities, leave the coats on the bus and step into a warm indoor oasis.


Branch Out and Try Something New With Your Group This Year

No matter where you are traveling in the U.S. with your group, Trailways will take you on a great adventure. You can make your trip even more special by going someplace new. The hidden gems described below are perfect for groups and provide fascinating experiences.

Why are dinner theaters still so popular? Meals and fun for bus groups
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Dinner theaters have been a mainstay in the bus travel business for decades. Why? Because they provide the ideal solution for trip planners: fun during a group meal.

Brighten up Your Winter With a Bus Trip to a Casino: Door to door service makes it easy
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Are your travel clients into fun & games? Plan a bus trip with Trailways to the bright lights, music and fun at a casino near you. Many Trailways bus companies offer day trips or weekend packages to many fabulous casinos. Several Trailways affiliated partner hotel-casinos are also featured in this month's issue. Take Trailways for door to door service and let the party begin!


A weekend in one of America's most sincere cities
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Thanks to its reputation for welcoming everyone with open arms and its thriving day/night scene the city of Branson, Missouri is often called The Sincere City — a nickname that is a spinoff of Vegas' Sin City. Just like Vegas, this city is a popular choice destination for group tours. Curious as to why Branson, Misourri is such a popular hotspot for group tours? Come with us as we take you stop-by-stop on a hypothetical group tour of Branson.

This land is our land: Explore the National Parks with your group during the off-season
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Getting out into nature has many benefits. It clears your mind, brings you closer to your travel friends and offers you the chance to see something completely unique. Our National Parks are a treasure that has something for everyone in your group. This fall is the perfect time to explore with smaller crowds. Making the trip this year could save you money. As soon as next year, bus group entry fees may be increasing for all parks, so make the most of...

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