February 2, 2017
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Reserve Your Travel for the Top Video Game Conventions
Video games are big business. Like, really big business.

It's estimated that between mobile gaming, desktop gaming and console gaming, Americans play an average of between 140 and 150 hours worth of them per year. That's almost an entire week's worth of video games that people are playing on an annual basis.

Many gamers are actually budgeting time and money to network with other gamers and get a first look at new technologies and innovations coming to the $87 billion industry. This is best done by attending gaming conventions or trade shows, like the uber-popular E3, as well as other events like Blizzcon, Siegecon and California Extreme.
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San Francisco
Visit the Golden Coast at it's apex, San Francisco, the city that never ceases to surprise.
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There's always something to do in this Southern hospitality meets urban chic city.
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In Atlanta, rich history combines with with Southern charm to create a world-class city.
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