July 2019
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Share a new experience with your group this Fall
Whether you’ve got big plans for this summer or you are laying low near home, it’s never too early to start planning your next adventure. Taking your family, church group, book club or group of adventurous friends to someplace new and exciting is the perfect way to keep the fun going all year long. Enjoy a fun day or full weekend at one of these great, new attractions.
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8 Must See Places to Visit on the West Coast of America
The U.S. is an incredibly large country, with so much to see, do and experience, especially in the West coast states. One of the greatest things about the west coast is the dramatic change in landscapes and vibrant cities.

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Midwest hot spots to check out in 2019
Here are some of the new and recently opened attractions in the Midwest to put on your radar. Solve a mystery at Cedar Point's new attraction this summer, learn about Wisconsin's agriculture industry in Manitowoc and check out a new literary festival in Minneapolis.

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17 best East Coast family vacations
Have you already visited the Met, Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, and New York’s other quintessential things to do? In a city with more than 8 million inhabitants, there are bound to be plenty of offbeat and under-the-radar things to do.

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