Nov. 2019
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A weekend in one of America's most sincere cities
Thanks to its reputation for welcoming everyone with open arms and its thriving day/night scene the city of Branson, Missouri is often called The Sincere City — a nickname that is a spinoff of Vegas' Sin City. Just like Vegas, this city is a popular choice destination for group tours. Curious as to why Branson, Misourri is such a popular hotspot for group tours? Come with us as we take you stop-by-stop on a hypothetical group tour of Branson.
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San Diego to honor military service members at Fleet Week
Veterans Day is fast approaching, and the city of San Diego will honor the many current and former military service members in the area. San Diego is home port to 57 U.S. Navy shops, 3 major Marine Corps bases, and a robust Coast Guard.
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Banjos, ballads, and beach balls
The Haygoods open their show with a high-energy, modern rendition of Dancing on the Ceiling, and seconds into the song all eyes are on the ceiling for an exhilarating beginning to an exciting evening of entertainment.

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9 ways to pay tribute Veterans Day Weekend 2019
Veterans Day pays tribute to all American veterans who have served in the U.S. armed forces during times of war or peace. Here is our list of events and exhibits you may want to attend celebrating Veterans.
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