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Houston, Here We Come

This NFL season has been fun to watch. From watching two rookies in Dallas dazzle with highlight-reel plays to seeing Aaron Rodgers lead Green Bay back from the dead, this year has been a memorable one. And with the Super Bowl just a few weeks away, now is the time to plan your trip to Houston.

Yes, because the AFC and NFC Championship tilts are played out two weeks prior to the big game, this allows the NFL much more time to build hype and plan events in and around the respective Super Bowl site before the game is actually played. This year will be no exception, as plenty of fan events and activities will take over Houston in the week leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. And with airfare certain to be high for transportation to the city around the time of the big game, your best option isn't to pay these high prices to fly from your origin city, but to charter a Trailways Motorcoach if you have a social group, your corporate gang and clients, or can form a group. Here's a look at some of the Super Bowl fan week events you don't want to miss:
  • The Touchdown Tour: This initiative actually kicked off at the end of August in Houston as a means of generating hype and excitement around hosting the big game in February. It includes interactive games, a mobile locker room that mirrors that of the hometown Houston Texans, live entertainment and more.
  • Super Bowl Live Festival: This festival is scheduled to last 10 days and admission is completely free. It will run January 27 through February 5 and consists of free concerts from music's top acts, a food court featuring Houston's best local restaurants and an NFL fan experience, among other attractions. Though the festival is still months away, event organizers expect it to be about twice the size of San Francisco's Super Bowl Live festival from the 2016 game.
  • Other Houston attractions: Aside from partaking in all of the Super Bowl themed events that are taking place around February 5, a visit to Houston for the big game can also give guests a chance to experience some of the other sights and attractions that the city has to offer. And taking a charter bus down to the big game from your origin city is a much more feasible way for your group to experience all that the city has to offer rather than having to take taxi cabs or public transportation upon your arrival. Some of the other great attractions in Houston include the Space Center, Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Downtown Aquarium, The Galleria Complex, the Houston Grand Opera and the Houston Historic District.
Renting a Charter Bus for Your Group
To plan your group's trip down to Houston, you obviously need a timeline of what you want to do and when you want to leave. We'd recommend trying to get into town no later than the Monday before the Super Bowl so that you have ample time to experience all of the fan events and everything else that the city has to offer. We'd also recommend that you leave the Monday after the big game, or perhaps even the night of the Super Bowl depending on how far away your origin city is. Might we even suggest booking a hotel 3-5 hours outside of town to avoid the craziness and to stop for a place to sleep that night. (Learn more with one of our partners at Hotel Planner or Pillar Hotels.)

By reserving a Trailways charter bus, you won't have to worry about flight delays, lost luggage, parking costs, checked luggage fees, long security lines or any of the other doldrums that often come with air travel. What's more is that you'll be treated to a comfortable ride in a safe, efficient bus that's operated by a professional and courteous driver.

In addition to sharing in the excitement of the adventure you're on with other members of your travel group, you'll also be privy to comfortable seats, wireless Internet access, power outlets with each seat, televisions and DVD players and large restrooms. Just think of it as a hotel on wheels of sorts, as the buses are well-maintained, clean and quite able to get you and your party from your origin to Houston and then back again. What's more is that your group won't break the bank by taking this route over alternative means of travel.

Attending the Super Bowl is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Noting this, nothing can derail this experience by not having the adequate transportation to get you into town on time to enjoy everything that the event has to offer. That's where airlines and driving your personal car can be a problem. When it comes to the airlines, you can never predict flight delays and cancelations, and in the event of the latter, who knows when you'll be able to catch another flight based on the 1 million football fans that are projected to be in Houston that week.

Not just that, but airline prices are certain to be priced very high for flights in and out of Houston and airport logistics are certain to be a mess. That said, if you choose to fly (like, say New England makes the Super Bowl), arrange for your private bus at the airport for easy door to door shuttles during your stay.

Driving your own car is an option, yet it's you that will have to do the driving and putting all those miles on your car is never something that's exactly welcomed.

The best option for getting into Houston when you want is by chartering a bus from Trailways - and with the big game fast approaching, now is the time to make your reservations so you're not shut out. Contact us today at or call 1-877-467-3346, or contact your closest Trailways company in the West, East or Central region for more information and to reserve your charter bus to Houston for Super Bowl LI today.

Bus for Two?
Want to go to the big game but don't have a large group? Got a last minute ticket? Take Arrow Trailways to Houston. Check schedules on the website.

Did Your Team Make the Big Game?
If your team is in the big game, contact your local travel agency for possible packages.
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