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Sep. 16, 2015

Carwash Marketing: Cleaning Up Sales with Car Care Products
C-Store Canada
Turning your carwash into a one-stop shop for car care products is a sure fire way to increase revenue at your location. While cleaning the exterior of their car, many car owners will take the opportunity to purchase additional items for their vehicle if it's conveniently located all in one location. Car owners are likely to make car care purchases regardless, so you should ensure that they are purchasing them from your location in order to impact your bottom line. From air fresheners and dashboard wipes to snow scrappers and windshield wiper fluid, people will pay for the convenience factor of only having to make one stop at your carwash.

Visit C-Store Canada’s website or click the "read more" button below to read the full article online.More

Follow the Canadian Carwash Association on Twitter
Canadian Carwash Association
The Canadian Carwash Association (CCA) wants to connect with you online. Follow the official CCA Twitter account (@canadiancarwash) and the CCA will gladly follow you back and hear what you have to say about the carwash industry. The Association looks forward to building an engaging online rapport with carwash owner operators and industry suppliers.More

Notice of Special Members' Meeting — October 15
Canadian Carwash Association
Recently the CCA National Office sent notice to members of the Association about a Special Members' Meeting set for Thursday, Oct. 15 at 11 a.m. ET. This meeting will discuss proposed changes to the CCA bylaws in accordance with the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. Members are encouraged to vote by proxy or by telephone during the Members' Meeting. More information and supporting documents can be found on the CCA website. Please email if you have not received the meeting notice email from the CCA National Office. More

The CCA Wants to Showcase Your Carwash
Canadian Carwash Association
The Canadian Carwash Association (CCA) wants to learn more about your carwash. Consider sharing your story and thoughts on the carwash industry with your fellow members of the CCA through the new CCA Member Profile. The CCA looks to profile new and long-time members of the Association. Please contact the CCA National Office ( if you are interested in being profiled by the CCA.More

How to succeed when business slows
Sonny's The CarWash Factory
For many, the financial crisis of 2007-2008 is a fading memory. For others, vacant lots and boarded up houses serve as daily reminders that the return to better days is still a work in progress. For all of us, there’s a lot to learn from operators that successfully reinvented their washes to not only survive, but ultimately prosper in some of the most challenging markets following the crash; not only because it’s wise to have a plan for the next inevitable slowdown, but because these best practices can elevate the value proposition you deliver to your customer, earn their loyalty, and build a foundation for a stronger business. Last week I had the opportunity to visit one of these locations and it's a story we can all learn something from.More

Metro Vancouver rolls back water restrictions
CBC News
After a summer of brown lawns and dusty cars, the heavy rain in recent weeks has allowed Metro Vancouver to downgrade its water restrictions from stage 3 to 2.More

Site planning: Adding to the carwash experience
One could argue that your marketing efforts do not stop, well, ever. From ad placement to word-of-mouth or online reviews, your carwash today is scrutinized at every turn. And for the intents and purposes of this article, let’s focus on some of those literal turns your marketing efforts can take, such as the ones performed by customers while on your site.More

Interior detailing tips and tricks
Standard interior detailing involves many more types of materials and more complicated areas than standard exterior detailing (aside from major paint correction, of course). From personal experience, as well as the experience of several folks I’ve worked with, interior detailing takes longer than standard exterior detailing. It’s just more complicated.More

New Waterdown car wash clears planning hurdle
Flamborough Review
A new car wash in Waterdown is one step closer to fruition, after a required zoning amendment was approved by the city’s planning committee in mid-August. The project, which includes an automated tunnel-style car wash, six coin-operated wash bays, a self-serve dog wash and accessory vacuum, received approval Aug. 11, after close to 18 months. More

Learn how the cloud can help your small business
Business Review Canada
As a business owner, you most likely know or are at least aware of the cloud and its capabilities. That being said, do you know how to properly use the cloud and get the most out of it for your company?More

Is it time for small biz owners to draw dividends?
One of the surprises in this year’s Federal Budget was the announced increase in the small business deduction for corporations. Simply put, this means the small business tax rate will be lower.More

Why small business taxation does need fixing
In recent days, federal political discussion has focused on how Canada, like many other countries, taxes small businesses differently than large ones. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has said a "large percentage" of small businesses are used by wealthy Canadians to avoid taxes, which Conservative leader Stephen Harper said was unfair and untrue, while NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair called on Trudeau to apologize. So let's take a look at what we know about how small business is taxed, whether it matters, and what policy should do.More

New law gives B.C. more authority involving water use
Times Colonist
Hans Schreier has spent a career studying B.C.'s water supply, charting a resource that most of the province seemed to ignore until this summer's drought. "I worked for 30 years in water and nobody cared," said Schreier, a University of B.C. emeritus professor of watershed management. "Now everybody wants information." More

Car Wash Show Europe close to sold out
Auto Laundry
The International Carwash Association has announced that 83 companies have already been confirmed as exhibitors at the Car Wash Show Europe scheduled for October 5-7 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. More

Burning man proves lucrative for Cali carwashes
NBC News
If your car needs washing, you may want to wait a week before heading to the car wash. Why? Burning Man just ended and revelers need their cars cleaned.More