The Pillars
May. 21, 2015

Commercial Collection Agencies successful in getting the word out at NACM
Commercial Collection Agencies of America

Commercial Collection Agencies of America visited with hundreds of credit professionals this week at the annual Credit Congress. A picture of their vibrant booth is on the right.

The message: Commercial Collection Agencies of America has a superior certification program for commercial collection agencies and stellar educational programming for agencies, attorneys and credit personnel.

Credit professionals learned that the logo of the organization, which represents the four pillars: experience, education, ethics and expertise is the logo to look for when choosing a certified agency.

The staff also distributed useful statistical reports and primers on the different stages of the collection process, which were welcomed by the credit managers. Many credit managers noted that the information created by Commercial Collection Agencies of America is not only useful in the credit department, but also when the credit department interfaces with sales and upper management.

If you missed us and would like to receive information, please contact awaggoner@commercialcollection or call Executive Director Annette M. Waggoner at 847-907-4670 for your free copies.More

A triumph in credit-risk recognition
Credit Today
Over the past five years, annual bad debts at this company have plunged from $419,800 to zero. So did they slam on the brakes for all high-risk accounts? Not really. But they did figure out how and when to give these accounts just the kind of attention they require, from initial sales to final collections. Read on as we talk with the credit manager and VP of finance for how they managed this process, along with examples of the new reporting system that they implemented.More

How much do we really know about our market?
When it comes to running a business, it's hard to imagine anyone knowing more about the market in question than the owners and operators who deal with it on a daily basis. The accounts receivable management industry is no exception. When asked what drives their businesses, most leaders provide a broad or generic response like "market conditions," "client needs" or "the economy."More

Saving money by seizing control over compliance chargebacks
Credit Today
Controllable chargebacks have dropped by over 400 percent at this company in the past four years. And, as these charges have dwindled, customer satisfaction has shot up. That's a winning combination built on the recognition of precise customer-delivery needs that is sorely lacking with many suppliers today. Ten years ago a customer's shipping instructions were typically two or three pages long. Today, 100-page instruction manuals are not unusual for large customers. More

Cuba establishes banking ties in US ahead of talks
BBC News
Cuban diplomats will now have access to banking services in the U.S., clearing a major hurdle to restore diplomatic ties between the two counties. The U.S. State Department declined to the name the bank, but a senior official expressed optimism ahead of talks between the U.S. and Cuba. More

JPMorgan sees second-quarter slowdown in investment banking
Investment banking revenues in the second quarter for eight of the top banks could fall 15 percent from the previous quarter, as income from rates trading tumbles, JPMorgan analysts said. Trading revenue from the world's biggest banks showed signs of recovery in the first quarter as market volatility boosted dealing room profits after years of attrition.More

El Paso Children's Hospital files for bankruptcy protection
El Paso Times
El Paso Children's Hospital's recent bankruptcy filing did not sit well with elected officials — with some calling it a tragedy and others saying it's another example of poor decision-making. Hospital CEO Mark Herbers said bankruptcy protection was "the most sustainable option" for the hospital to keep serving the community. More

Amid China slowdown, foreign creditors face bankruptcy riddle
As China's economy slows and Beijing becomes more relaxed about letting its companies fail, a rising number of foreign bondholders risk being caught up in the country's unpredictable court system. Last month, solar producer Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electric became China's first ever state-owned company to default on a bond coupon payment, showing Beijing's increasing willingness to let companies go bust in a bid to reform its corporate market.More

How to surround yourself with the right talent
By Betty Boyd
Maintaining the level of talent in an organization is a continuous battle. How do you keep and attract the right kind of talent? Surrounding yourself with talented employees takes commitment, understanding and time. No organization can grow without stepping up and being aware of what potential is available. You can start by looking around and seeing what is already right in front of you. Here are some tips that will help.More

Are you a manager or a leader?
It is not big news that to motivate our people, we first need to consider how they feel. After we have spent a little time getting to know them better, they will feel valued and valuable, and with the support they need to do a great job, they will give of their best. Plenty of business leaders understand the theory, but they don't have time to put it into practice. Those who think they don't have the time are often hung up on managing processes, transactions and queries. More