Interaction Weekly
Jan. 1, 2014

10. Unlicensed day cares operate free from oversight
CBC News
Feb 27, 2013: Just 20 per cent of Canadian children have access to licensed day cares, leaving millions of kids in unlicensed private facilities with no regulation or oversight. A Marketplace investigation into unlicensed day cares found some providers with no training or credentials taking care of kids in potentially dangerous settings and, in some cases, breaking the law. More

9. B.C. NDP announces proposal to lower fees for infant and toddler care
Apr 24, 2013: The B.C. NDP released a platform pledge to reduce fees and expand spaces for infant and toddler child care. NDP Leader Adrian Dix outlined a three-year plan to reduce fees for existing licensed infant and toddler care by 20 per cent, and increase spaces where the need is greatest. If elected, the party says it would spend $100 million over three years on the plan, starting with $10 million in 2013/2014. More

8. Vote: Should Canada have a universal day care system?
The Globe and Mail
Oct 23, 2013: Canada is without a national day care program and critics say there should be one. Based on your experience, are you happy with the availability and cost of day care in Canada? More

7. Top 10 signs you're an early childhood educator
July 17, 2013: From Richard Cohen's keynote address "Early Childhood Professionals: The Heroes of Our Time". Watch the entire inspiring 60 minute keynote address as Richard shares his story, interacts with his audience and gets a conference of teachers, caregivers and directors singing, laughing, reflecting and learning. More

6. It may not be sugar that makes your kids go wild
The Vancouver Sun
Aug. 14, 2013: Sugar makes my kids go completely wild and hyperactive. I've heard this myth all my life and I'm still hearing it today. In fact I can't think of any mom who thinks that their kids aren't affected by candy, pop or ice cream. It seems like moms dread kids' birthday parties, fully expecting sugar-fuelled mayhem to break out.More

5. Farewell to the CCHRSC
Mar. 27, 2013: March 31, 2013 marks a significant and sad day for Canada's Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) sector as the Child Care Human Resource Sector Council (CCHRSC) ceases operations due to the federal government's decision to no longer fund sector councils. More

4. Alberta ending grants for accredited day cares, programs
CBC News
Mar 27, 2013: Day care operators are losing grants that the province provided to accredited programs and centres across Alberta. On April 1, Alberta Human Services is ending the Quality Enhancement Grant which provided $7,500 for accredited child care centres and $4,000 for accredited before and after-school programs. More

3. 9 ways to help ease the transition to day care
Aug. 21, 2013: I have always planned to be a working parent, partially so that we don’t go broke paying back my student loans and partially because I love what I do for a living. But I won’t lie and say that getting Eli adjusted to daycare wasn’t tough, because it was, but we’re a year in now (and 2 transitions down) and I feel like, though I am far from knowing it all, I have a good grasp on how to help ease this otherwise seriously tough transition. More

2. School bans kindergarteners from touching each other
Parent Dish
Nov. 13: 2013: An elementary school in Aldergrove, BC, has started a zero-tolerance policy for its kindergarteners, banning them from touching each other. Coghlan Fundamental Elementary School sent a letter home with its students last week informing parents of the ban. The handout read: "We have unfortunately had to ban all forms of hands-on play for the immediate future... we will have a zero-tolerance policy." More

1. Why Canadian babies should sleep in cardboard boxes like Finnish babies do
The Globe and Mail
June 19, 2013: The BBC News Magazine ran an astonishing story entitled: "Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes." It was the tale of the "maternity package," a simple cardboard box loaded with goodies that every expectant mother receives in Finland. The gift from the state contains clothes, a snowsuit, bath products, cloth diapers, books, bedding and a mattress.More