Interaction Weekly
Feb. 13, 2013

The Canadian Child Care Federation mourns the loss of Dr. Clyde Hertzman

Dr. Clyde Hertzman passed away this past weekend leaving behind a legacy of research and advocacy for early childhood education and care. His work influenced so much of our collective practice and he worked tirelessly to influence policy makers in B.C., Canada and beyond about the importance of early childhood development.

Our deepest sympathies are extended to Clyde's families with our extreme gratitude for all that he has done for Canada’s children. More

2013 Prime Minister's Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Education
Government of Canada
The Prime Minister's Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Education honour outstanding and innovative early childhood educators who excel at fostering the early development and socialization of the children in their care, and at helping build the foundation children need to make the best possible start in life.More

Quebec announces new day care spaces
CBC News
The Parti Québécois government unveiled how it will distribute 15,000 new $7-a-day day care spaces across the province. Quebec Families Minister Nicole Léger said every region of the province will get new spaces, including more than 2,000 in Montreal. Another 2,000 will be reserved for the province's underprivileged neighborhoods. And 300 spaces will be set-aside for aboriginal communities, said Léger.More

Men stand out as day care workers
The Toronto Star
Nicholas Earle — all six feet and one inch of him — towers over the tots at St. Alban's Preschool as he tends to their winter coats and boots on this frigid Toronto morning. He can't help but stand out as he walks the halls, smiling and greeting all who pass. The same way he can't help but stand out in his chosen career as an early childhood educator — a male in a job pretty well the domain of women.More

Child care ruling seen as prod for employers
Winnipeg Free Press
Employers in Manitoba may have to adjust some shift schedules and working hours to reasonably accommodate the child care needs of employees after a Federal Court ruling. Federal Court Justice Leonard Mandamin has upheld a 2010 Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decision that ordered the Canada Border Services Agency to adjust its policies after a border-services officer argued she had been discriminated against based on the fact she had young children. More

Over 3000 families mark B.C.'s first family day by demanding affordable child care
Over 3,000 B.C. families are marking the province's first family day holiday by urging the government to commit to implementing a new $10 a day child care system. "On B.C.'s first family day holiday, the government should recognize that young families are financially squeezed. Paying for child care — when it's even available — is like having to pay for housing twice," says BCGEU President Darryl Walker. Child care costs an average of $9000 per year for a two year old; in Vancouver it's $14,000. Even so, there is only one licensed child care space for every five children in BC.More

Critical, open thinking key for kids
Educating children in world religions is a good idea, however, to assume that it would bridge denominational gaps is a tad idealistic. The problem does not necessarily lie in the lack of understanding of other religions, but is rooted in the teaching of children that faith is a virtue — that believing something without evidence is a positive. When young children are indoctrinated and told that their religious beliefs are true, it does not take much time for them to conclude that, therefore, others religious beliefs are false. More

Day care may not raise behavior woes in kids after all
Parents who send their children to day care may be able to breathe a sigh of relief. New research finds that children in child care do not have an increased risk of behavioral problems. The catch? The new study was conducted in Norway, which has a vastly different child care system than the United States — where studies have been conducted that did find increased behavioral problems. More

Cooking up healthier menus for child care
The Pueblo Chieftain
The state health department is introducing healthier menu guidelines and educational opportunities, including cooking classes, to staff members at more than 2,200 child care centres and homes across Colorado. The goal of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Child and Adult Care Food Program is to improve childhood nutrition while preventing and reducing obesity. More