Interaction Weekly
Feb. 20, 2013

Appel de mises en candidature de la Fédération canadienne des services de garde à l'enfance Le prix Excellence dans la garde à l'enfance
Le prix Excellence dans la garde à l'enfance de la Fédération canadienne des services de garde à l'enfance honore les personnes qui ont apporté une contribution exceptionnelle au domaine de la garde à l'enfance. Le prix récompense des personnes pour leurs réalisations dans les domains suivants de la garde à l'enfance:More

Call for Nominations for The Canadian Child Care Federation's Award for Excellence in Child Care
The Canadian Child Care Federation's biennial Award for Excellence in Child Care honours individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the field of child care. The award will recognize achievements in the following areas.More

Québec songe à freiner les garderies non subventionnées
La Presse
Québec veut freiner la croissance des garderies privées non subventionnées, qui poussent comme des champignons. Il envisage d'imposer un moratoire. «Je l'étudie, a confirmé la ministre de la Famille, Nicole Léger, lors d'un entretien avec La Presse. Est-ce que ce sera par règlement, est-ce que ce sera par une loi, est-ce que c'est faisable et comment? Je regarde tout ça.»More

Big changes coming to City of Ottawa's $84 million day care subsidy program
Ottawa Citizen
As the city changes the way it subsidizes day care for young children, it'll have to take care not to leave subsidy recipients at the back of the line waiting for spaces, warns the director of one of Ottawa's biggest child care agencies. "It's going to be about responsiveness," said Kim Hiscott, the executive director of Andrew Fleck Child Care Services, which takes care of thousands of children in short- and long-term arrangements, about half of them in subsidized spaces.More

My journey to Pangnirtung: Part 1
By Penny Deeter
Two years ago, I was invited by the Arctic College of Nunavut to teach early childhood educational courses in Pangnirtung. Pangnirtung — affectionately known as Pang — is located in the Canadian territory of Nunavut across the Baffin Bay from Greenland. The hamlet of Pang is 8 kilometers in radius and has a population of 1,300 people. The community is located on a gently sloping beach at the bottom of a classic glaciated, U-shaped valley known as the Pangnirtung Fiord. Imagine my excitement when I got the call to go to the Arctic.More

New strategy deals with day care problem
CBC News
The provincial government hopes a new strategy announced will resolve the province's day care problem by creating thousands of new spots for children. Charlene Johnson, the minister of child, youth and family services, announced the plan at the Clarenville Family Resource Centre. She said the strategy should create 4,800 new registered day care positions over the next 10 years.More

B.C. hints at improving child care but advocates say complete plan is key
Vancouver Sun
The province is promising to give B.C. child care a boost, but the pledge comes hand in hand with the premier's criticism of another provincial daycare system that most closely resembles what advocates say is needed here. One day after the throne speech hinted at new measures to come, Premier Christy Clark said that by charging parents a flat $7 fee per day, Quebec's daycare system is too expensive for that province. More

B.C. day care costs are crippling families
The Huffington Post
The high cost of child care for families in B.C. has long-term impacts. Many families cannot afford to purchase a home because of it. Many women (and men) take themselves out of the workforce because of it. Many families go into debt because of it. Many couples decide not to have children (or more than one child) because of it.More

How do families balance work-life demands?
Burnaby Now
The Burnaby Board of Trade is working with the Surrey Board of Trade on a position paper that could change the way businesses — and different levels of government — treat families. The two boards recently co-hosted the Business and Families First Dialogue in Surrey. More

Not much to show for $100 a month from the federal child care program
Edmonton Journal
For seven years, the $100 cheques have been in the mail every month for parents of Canadian children under six. Fifteen billion dollars later (and counting), what does Canada have to show for the Universal Child Care Benefit program? More

New day care centre a boon for area
Nova News Now
People said it couldn't be done, that it was too lofty of a goal. But, the Windsor Day Care Centre's executive had a vision and soldiered on with hopes of building a new facility. After years of hard work, their state-of-the-art new child care centre is near capacity and is the talk of the town.More

Day care workers stage protest across Quebec
Global News
Zahia Krimat and Lila Basli, who both work at Garderie Magique on Gouin Blvd., attended by about 100 children, were part of a frustrated group of unsubsidized day care workers and operators demonstrating in front of Premier Pauline Marois's Montreal office. "We offer the same quality of services as in the public, subsidized system," said Krimat, 45, a day care worker since 2007. "And even though we have the same level of qualifications as workers in the public system, we are paid $3 or $4 an hour less."More