Interaction Weekly
Mar. 11, 2015

Poll shows parents want government to create more childcare spaces, not just hand out cash
The Province
A new survey shows a majority of people understand the acute shortage in licensed childcare spaces in B.C., and they would prefer the government solve the problem rather than give parents a small tax credit to cover childcare costs. The online survey by Insights West was completed last December, and found that 82 per cent of respondents believed the "$10-a-Day" plan — a social program that would increase the number of affordable childcare spaces and improve wages and training for early childhood educators — is "beneficial" for the province.More

Ottawa Public Health seeks $520,000 to update immunization records
Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa Public Health says it needs a one-time cash infusion of more than half a million dollars to bring backlogged student immunization records up to date in the city. If that money — $520,000 — is not granted by the province and city (which would be responsible for 25 per cent of the grant), the cash-strapped health board says it will still update immunization records of every child in the city but that work might result in "service disruptions" to other programs.More

A Day with Jeff Johnson!
CCCF via BCFCCA and Southern Vancouver Island Family Child Care Association
Jeff will use this interactive session to look at ways we adults can support playful learning by following the child's lead, creating mindful environments, and learning to manage the mess that comes with hands-on play. More

Academics speak out for early childhood education in Canada
Canada Newswire
Canada's leading scholars unveil the evidence for public investments in early childhood education and launch a new pan-Canadian network bringing together academics, stakeholders and grant makers involved in research and in the application/mobilization of research findings.More

Pay for child care or quit work? Calgary families forced to choose
Metro News
Metro recently contacted 13 daycares across Calgary to inquire about full-time daycare costs for a two-year-old. Prices ranged from $815 to $1,700 per month, with an average of $1,263. Of those 13 day cares contacted, only four had space available for a toddler. More

Quebec parents demand more help for autistic children
Global News
Martyne Chabot believes her life is more difficult than it should be, not because her six-year-old son is autistic but because he isn’t getting the help he's entitled to according to the Supreme Court. "You know it's not only our right, it's an absolute necessity for my son," she told Global News. More

Parents, don't miss out on these 4 tax deductions and credits
Financial Post
The Family Tax Cut has been hogging the limelight among Canada's recent tax changes. But chances are you'll benefit more from four other new tax measures. There's nothing proactive about the Family Tax Cut anyway: it will happen automatically when your accountant does your tax return. It's much more important to be aware of the tax deductions and credits you qualify for and proactively keep receipts, file applications and claim things by the books. More

Toronto experts offer royal advice on preparing for baby #2
Canada Newswire
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's anticipated second child has cast a spotlight on the "growing family." Toronto experts Darling & Ninth and Kiddie Proofers chime in on this hot topic, with advice even commoners can use. More

How lack of affordable, accessible child care hurts the economy
Global News
Across Canada and across the income spectrum, these families feel kneecapped by the cost of child care and lack of spaces. It's keeping parents out of the workforce, in poverty or preventing them from saving money and planning for the future. More

Ontario day care early childhood educators may see $1/hour raise
CBC News
Early childhood educators working in licensed daycares could soon see a raise of one dollar an hour. Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the wage increase in Kingston, ON, saying it would help close the wage gap between early childhood educators working in full-day kindergarten programs and those in licensed daycares.More

Professor gives lecture on plight of First Nations children
Brantford Expositor
A public lecture by professor Cindy Blackstock became a rally as the First Nations social worker and activist exhorted about 200 in the main hall of Six Nations Polytechnic to join the #Witness4FirstNationsKids campaign. In gentle but persistent cadences, Blackstock, executive director of the First Nations Child and Family Society of Canada, took her audience on a verbal trek through a long-running hearing into a human rights appeal alleging the federal government has been systematically discriminating against aboriginal children. More

Advocate: Hamilton's lack of childcare is costing taxpayers
CBC News
Hamilton is lagging behind most other cities when it comes to affordable childcare, a local advocate says. And our economy is suffering because of it. Judith Bishop, a Hamilton childcare advocate, told councillors on Monday that the city trails areas such as Sudbury, Niagara, and London when it comes to licensed spaces per 1,000 children.More

Birth rate depends on cultural models as much as income and childcare facilities
Medical Xpress
Young working couples are having fewer and fewer children. The difficulties of balancing parenthood with a career are often cited as reasons for falling birth rates in Western nations. But can we really generalise it to that degree? More

Poll: Anti-vaxxers among Canadians of all demographics
National Post
Skepticism about the health effects of vaccines on children is evenly distributed among Canadians of all demographics, with no significant patterns of gender, age, income or education, according to an unusual survey that tried to cast a sociological eye on "anti-vaxxers." "There's no profile for these individuals... It's everybody. It's you and me," said Quito Maggi, president of polling firm Mainstreet Technologies, which did the survey. More