Interaction Weekly
Mar. 25, 2015

DaycareDebt: A childcare worker's perspective
CBC News
I never intended to work in child care, I just sort of fell into it. I'd just finished a contract job and was looking for work. While checking out the job bank, I came across an ad for a childcare centre and thought, "Hey, I can do that." This was long before you were required to have qualifications, (which I subsequently acquired). All opinions expressed here reflect my experience with private childcare.More

Worthy Wage Campaign 2015
Nova Scotia Child Care Association
The Nova Scotia Child Care Association (NSCCA) would like to invite your centre to participate in the 5th Annual Worthy Wage Campaign. Our goals are to raise public awareness about professional pay for professional work. The campaign will highlight the important work Early Childhood Educators do each day, and empower Nova Scotia's Early Childhood Educators to become advocates for themselves and their profession. More

Scholar's Club for Daycares
CCCF has partnered with Scholar's Choice to bring you this great offer, a FREE membership to the Scholar's Club. Top benefits for you:

• 10 per cent off all of your purchases.
• Additional savings on event days.
• Free ground freight on non truck items.
• FREE downloadable seasonal and educational activities.
• Fundraising opportunities — raise money for your centre.
• Emails — for promotions as well as great ECE content. More

British Columbians aware of child care problems facing parents
Insights West
Most British Columbians know about the difficulties that parents have when seeking child care in the province, and believe a proper child care system would alleviate some of these problems, a survey conducted by Insights West for $10aDay has found. The online survey of a representative sample of British Columbians shows that four-in-five British Columbians (82 per cent) are aware that child care in the province can cost families as much as rent or mortgage. More

Play: The building blocks of lifelong learning for children
Singing songs. Painting pictures. Building with colourful bricks. These activities that sound like pure fun are the building blocks of lifelong learning. Unfortunately, for so many people, education is about memorizing facts and figures. And it starts when a child walks into a classroom on the first day of first grade. More

Daycare workers take to the picket line in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
With all the snow that has fallen in Nova Scotia, childcare workers, cooks, and cleaners picketing in Glace Bay snow have their work cut out for them. The 15 daycare staff are members of Unifor Local 4600, which represents over 1,250 workers, including other childcare providers. More

Family tax cut savings becoming clear as Canadians prepare tax returns
Toronto Star
Young Canadian families are beginning to learn the size of savings they'll glean from new federal tax cuts as they prepare their 2014 tax returns. The controversial income-splitting plan known as the Family Tax Cut promises to save families up to $2,000 — or $1,670 in Quebec — but critics say few Canadians will max out on the benefit. More

No daycare spots for autistic son, says Corner Brook mom
CBC News
Parents in Newfoundland and Labrador may struggle to find affordable childcare, but one Corner Brook mom says the process is even more stressful if your child has special needs. Two years ago, Anissa Bennett was advised to enrol her autistic son, Dylan, in a part-time daycare program to better prepare him for elementary school.More

Parents protest proposed cuts to special-education programs
Toronto Star
School boards across the province are facing cuts to programs for their neediest students after the Ministry of Education changed the way they are funded — but without adding any additional funds, says the Ontario Public School Boards' Association, and at a time when more than 80 per cent of boards already spend more than they are allotted.More

Daycare centres have no choice but to close when co-located schools do
CTV News
Waterloo Region's public and Catholic school boards recently put a new procedure in effect for the first time — closing all their schools due to wind chill values at -35 or below.More

Day care fees in cities across Canada
Winnipeg Free Press
Here's a map showing median day care fees in major Canadian cities, along with the proportion of a woman's income the day care fees represent. Cities with larger circles show day care fees eating up a larger proportion of income. More

How kids are poisoning themselves, and how to prevent it
Global News
Ontario's Poison Control Centre received over 20,000 calls about children under five in 2013. The top reasons? Household cleaners and fever medication. More

14,000 children and adults with disabilities receiving support sooner
Government of Ontario
Eight thousand children with physical and/or developmental disabilities are now receiving direct funding sooner from Ontario's Special Services at Home program, which helps kids learn new skills and abilities and provides support for family caregivers. The government has eliminated the 2014 waitlist for the program in just eight months, far ahead of the commitment of two years in the 2014 Budget. More

Researchers dig for answers in dirty diapers
Global News
What comes out of a baby, just might be as important as what goes in, especially when it comes to figuring out why a rising number of children are growing up with food allergies. Scientists with the University of Manitoba and The Children's Hospital Research Institute say a study into the fecal matter taken from the dirty diapers of 166 kids has determined that those with fewer numbers of bacteria were more likely to develop food sensitivities, and potentially allergies, by the time they were one. More

Let 'em be kids
National Post
How much of a head start do my kids need in life? My kids are still young — 29 months and seven months, respectively. But we've already had to make some very big decisions for the older one, our daughter. Namely, finding a preschool she could attend — and deciding what kind of preschool, more specifically.More

Why you're putting this kid at risk by not vaccinating your own child
CBC News
Andrew Westerlund has been through more than his fair share of tough times. The 14-year-old North Vancouver student was diagnosed with a severe heart condition and luckily was able to receive a transplant. More