Interaction Weekly
Apr. 1, 2015

$1.1 million boost for Peterborough, ON, child care
Peterborough Examiner
Licensed day cares across Peterborough city and county are about to get a $1.1 million boost from the province. It's meant to raise childcare workers' pay by $1 an hour, as well as to help subsidize childcare costs for needy parents.More

Northwest Territories hands out iPads to new parents as part of experiment to boost childhood development
National Post
New parents in the Northwest Territories will soon get free iPads from the government in a "made in the north" experiment critics fear is a big waste of taxpayers' money. Starting Monday, parents of children born between April 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015 can apply for one of 100 "techno baby bags of the future," loaded with educational apps and resources as part of a pilot project being pegged the first of its kind. More

DaycareDebt: What Newfoundland's political leaders are saying about daycare costs
CBC News
CBC News asked Newfoundland and Labrador's political leaders about the expense of childcare in this province, following our coverage in the DaycareDebt series that looked at debt-ridden parents and their struggles. With an election around the corner, the politicians now see daycare as a campaign issue.More

Parents to receive child care benefit 3 months before federal election
The Globe and Mail
Federal Conservatives have circled July 20 as the date Ottawa will deposit hundreds of dollars into the bank accounts of Canadian parents, a sudden windfall that will come just three months before election day. The July payments will be unusually large. Although Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced last year that increases to the Universal Child Care Benefit would start in January, 2015, the first payments won't come until July.More

Saskatoon daycare offers family spot after 3 year wait
CBC News
According to parents and child care providers, it's very difficult to get a licensed child care space in Saskatchewan. It's no surprise. The province is currently ranked last in the country when it comes to the percentage of licensed child care spaces available to children. More

Around the clock daycare coming to Orléans
Orléans Star
A new daycare will be opening up in Orléans, ON, but this one is a first for the east-end. The expansion building of the Bécasseaux daycare will offer 24 hour-a-day, seven days-a-week service for the families in our community. More

Women losing job experience, can't get back in workforce because of childcare costs
CBC News
The high cost of childcare is a challenge for some parents in Newfoundland and Labrador, with many leaving their careers in order to care for their children rather than foot a huge daycare bill. Some parents who give up their careers to take care of children find it difficult to get back into their profession once those kids are older.More

Day care dollars aren't being spent properly
CTV News
Every year, the Government of Alberta collects $26 million for daycare and, until 2011, that money was going into a fund specifically focused towards creating more day care spaces. However, that program has since been cancelled and now that money has been going into general revenue ever since.More

How lack of affordable, accessible child care hurts the economy
CTV News
Across Canada and across the income spectrum, these families feel kneecapped by the cost of child care and lack of spaces. It's keeping parents out of the workforce, in poverty or preventing them from saving money and planning for the future. More

DaycareDebt: A childcare worker's perspective
CBC News
I never intended to work in child care, I just sort of fell into it. I'd just finished a contract job and was looking for work. While checking out the job bank, I came across an ad for a childcare centre and thought, "Hey, I can do that." More