Interaction Weekly
Apr. 15, 2015

B.C. celebrates the leadership of Early Childhood Educators
On April 30, Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) from throughout British Columbia (BC) will come together in Richmond to focus on leadership as part of ECEBC's first leadership pre-conference day. With support from the Leadership Link committee (a group of ECEBC Leadership Alumni), a phenomenal day has been put together called Building Leadership in Early Childhood Education.More

CHOM Call for Presentations 2016
CCCF via Children the Heart of the Matter
The Call for Presentations for the Children the Heart of the Matter Conference 2016 is now open. If you are interested in submitting a proposal please download the document for details. The deadline for submissions is May 22, 2015. If you have any questions please respond to

Ottawa plan includes new cash for childcare sector
Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa wants to pump $11.5 million into the child care sector between now and 2020 to stabilize fees and slash wait times. The cash injection was outlined in a new child care services roadmap.More

Fitness centre, day care facility form healthy relationship
The children at Carleton Place Child Care Services, located in York Region, ON, have been very lucky over the last few years to have had a standing invitation to come and "workout" at the Heritage Community Fitness Centre located on Costello Drive in their neighbourhood. The fitness facility and the daycare have paired up on a few different projects over the years and the invitation came as part of a plan for the children to meet one of their neighbours and see what the purpose of the gym was and what happened in that beautiful big building. More

Daycare centre approved in Penticton, B.C.
After months of waiting, a daycare operator will be able to open a centre in the south end of Penticton. Council approved a zoning application to allow the daycare at 96 Yorkton Ave., with an amendment that restricts hours of operation from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. More

Viral post about stay-at-home mom salary sheds light on deeper issue
Global News
Child care takes up about half of Nelms' $73,960 estimate. That's because the average salary of a full-time nanny in the U.S., he found, is $36,600. There's also the cleaning costs ($5,200/year based on a $100/week cleaning service fee). Plus, of course, the price of personal shopping (groceries don’t buy themselves) — that comes to $13,520, Nelms estimated. Oh, and can't forget the cooking ($12,480). That's just part of his breakdown. More

The child care conundrum Part 1: Will a universal system pay off?
Ottawa Citizen
Last fall, the New Democrats unveiled a major plank in their election platform by promising a universal child care system. That pledge yanked the child care agenda from the clutches of the Liberals, who had once promised a similar countrywide system. It also differentiated the NDP from the Conservatives, who prefer tax breaks and benefits to help parents with young families. More

Quebec: Almost 3,000 subsidized family daycares threaten to strike
Global News
Negotiations between the Liberal government and 3,000 subsidized family daycares affiliated to the CSN have hit a wall. The government is trying to renew collective agreements for the province's 550,000 public sector workers. More

Terrace, B.C. council backs subsidized daycare
Terrace Standard
A recent presentation by local daycare professionals to city council revealed that daycare services are lacking in Terrace, but council was divided over whether a major government subsidy is the right way to remedy the problem. Early Childhood Education Branch of BC co-chairs Terry Walker and Nancy Dumais, both managers of local daycares, spoke to council of their society's mission to get the B.C. government to finance a system that would cost families $10 a day. More

Parents stand hours outside daycare for wait list spots in Brandon, MB
CBC News
Daycare spaces are hard to come by in Manitoba and it has some, including a Brandon parent who waited outside a daycare for hours just to get on a waiting list, calling for child care to become both a federal and provincial election issue. More

University of Saskatchewan begins construction of new child care centre
CBC News
On a week when CBC is highlighting the challenge that parents face in trying to find licensed child care, the University of Saskatchewan is getting ready to expand the childcare centre on campus. More

Rising rent imperils day cares
Winnipeg Free Press
For years, when things have been relatively quiet at the Sunny Mountain day care, Debra Page and Claire Ferrer jump in the car and take a real estate cruise.More

Report: Daycare bill to be forced through National Assembly
The four month debate over Bill 28 — the bill that would increase the price of public daycares — will be over soon. According to Radio-Canada, the Couillard government will call a special sitting of the National Assembly and invoke closure.More

You see kids playing alone in a park, no parents in sight. What should you do?
The Globe and Mail
Our parenting culture pushes and pulls us from two directions. Helicopter parenting has made us hyper-aware of danger, so much so that it's rare to see children walking by themselves or playing alone in the park. But we also want to teach our kids independence and resilience. When we see kids roaming free, we don’t know how to respond. More

Laundry pods pose a health hazard for kids biting into them
Winnipeg Free Press
Brightly coloured laundry pods, the kind with concentrated detergents that are tossed into washing machines every day, are ending up in kids' mouths instead. While most kids who ingest the pods end up with minor nausea, there are children who suffer extreme vomiting and drowsiness. In the most severe cases, some are put on ventilators in hospital to recover. More