Interaction Weekly
May. 8, 2013

The Canadian Child Care Federation is proud to announce Linda McDonell as the 2013 recipient of the CCCF Award of Excellence
Throughout Linda McDonell’s 40-year-career in child care, she has contributed significantly to the early childhood sector. From her beginnings as a preschool teacher to her current position as BC Regional Innovation Chair for Aboriginal Early Childhood Development at Vancouver Island University, her commitment and dedication, skill and knowledge, leadership and passion have touched and influenced countless children, parents, students and professionals as well as child care organizations and government officials.More

La Fédération canadienne des services de garde à l'enfance a le plaisir d'annoncer la lauréate du Prix d'excellence en éducation de la petite enfance de 2013: Linda McDonell
Mme McDonell a beaucoup apporté au secteur de la petite enfance dans lequel elle œuvre depuis les quarante dernières années. De ses débuts comme éducatrice jusqu'à son poste actuel de titulaire de la chaire régionale d'innovation de la Colombie-Britannique en faveur du développement de la petite enfance autochtone à l'Université de l'Île de Vancouver, Mme McDonell a manifesté un engagement, des compétences, un savoir, un savoir-faire et une passion qui ont touché et influencé d'innombrables enfants, parents, étudiants et professionnels, sans compter des organismes de garde à l'enfance et des représentants du gouvernement.More

Vancouver opens new child care spaces with developers
CBC News
The City of Vancouver is working with condo developers to open two new child care centres, but advocates say there is still a severe shortage of places. The new child care centres will open in downtown Vancouver this fall, with space for 74 children and were mandated under development permits issued by city hall. But advocates say the waiting list for child care in downtown Vancouver alone is still 2,000 names long and child care is at a crisis point in the province.More

Child care missing from Ontario budget
CNW Newswire
Child care advocates are frustrated and angry at the lack of child care funding in the 2013 provincial budget. "There has never been a more important time to invest in child care. Investments in child care pay for themselves and can help boost Ontario's economy. It is time to harness the power of high quality child care to transform our province" said Sheila Olan-MacLean, President, OCBCC. More

Day care association decries early kindergarten
The Gazette
The Parti Québécois government wants to offer kindergarten classes, starting at age 4, for disadvantaged children needing extra preparation to succeed in school. But at National Assembly hearings on Bill 23, which would allow the change, school-board representatives applauded the idea while kindergarten teachers and representatives of CPEs, Quebec’s parent-managed, publicly funded day care centres, were opposed. More

Editorial: Platforms ignore low-cost child care
Victoria News
B.C. Liberals and the NDP have laid out their platforms on how they would help mould and support the youngest minds in the province. The Liberals are offering more of what they’ve been doing, which on the whole has been a boon to young kids and their parents, at least for the past few years.More

Opinion: Picking up the pieces on child care
Toronto Star
It's quite obvious that community-based child-care centres cannot sustain before- and after-school programs using the current funding model. This has been an issue in school-age child care for decades, and is the reason that I couldn't find a school-age space for my daughter for love nor money.More

Child care policies differ
Vernon Morning Star
Child care policies offer a clear choice between the B.C. Liberals and the NDP in the May 14 provincial election. Premier Christy Clark wants to take a provincially funded savings account set up for each child born since 2007, and hand out $1,200 to parents who open a Registered Education Savings Plan to begin saving for post-secondary training.More

Province creating 1,000 new child care spaces
Winnipeg Free Press
One thousand new child care spaces will be made available to expecting parents over the next year, the provincial government announced. The preschool and infant care spaces will be located in 26 new and expanded locations throughout Manitoba, at a cost of $4 million. The announcement completes a five-year plan to fund 6,500 new child care spaces and starts a new initiative to open an additional 2,000 spots. More

Niagara College child care facility now in private hands
Niagara Falls Review
It was a bitter sweet day for staff at the Niagara College Child Care Centre. Several parents and their children waved goodbye to its early childhood education workers as doors were closed for the last time. Rosemary Horvat worked at the day care for 31 years, and was one of 19 workers who got into a limo Tuesday and capped off the end of an era with a meal and a chance for everyone to say goodbye. More

Opinion: Universal child care needs deeper look
Victoria News
Your editorial advocates for a provincially funded universal child care system. The idea sounds good, but falls apart when examined more carefully. The evidence from research actually suggests that for most children, the beneficial effects of early childhood education are extremely short lived. More

Opinion: Child care workers need funding boost
Hamilton Spectator
The provincial government has cut funding to the majority of children's aid societies in the province. The Children's Aid Society of Hamilton has had its budget reduced, with further reductions announced for the following two years. Many families and children in Hamilton are helped by services provided by the CAS each year. Many of the voluntary services offered by our society will be stopped by these cuts. More

Ecole Tache School to get new classrooms, day care
CTV News
Ecole Tache School in St. Boniface will get a 16,700-square-foot expansion that will include new classrooms and a new day care centre, the province announced. The $8.5 million expansion will add three kindergarten rooms, four classrooms, a multi-purpose room, a grooming room, a resource room and a 74-space day care. Construction will begin in September 2013 and is expected to be completed by December 2014. More