Interaction Weekly
May. 22, 2013

Saskatchewan to get 500 new child care spaces
A total of 537 new child care spaces in 15 communities have been authorized by the Saskatchewan government.In announcing the additional spaces which were mentioned in March's provincial budget, the government said this brings the number of licensed child care spaces in the province to more than 13,700, and noted it had brought 4,435 additional spaces into existence since 2007.More

What universal child care does for Norway
The Globe and Mail
Norway is ranked No. 1 in the world for productivity, measured by GDP per total hours worked, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Canada comes 17th, behind Spain. Many variables affect productivity, and Norway’s high oil production contributes significantly to its GDP, and therefore productivity.More

May is Early Childhood Educators Month
May has been officaly recoginized as Early Childhood Educators Month. With May 15th as the official ECE Day. Check out the Provincial Calendar for any relevant upcoming events in your area!More

Family reunification program changes worry some in Winnipeg
CBC News
On paper, Sarah Esperanza was exactly the kind of immigrant that Canada would not want. She knew no English, she had no income, she had no idea how she would support herself, and she had even planned to bring family members from home once she got here. All in all, she would appear to be a potential welfare-receiving, non-tax-paying drain on Canadian resources.More

New day care to help work life balance
New Westminster News Leader
Finding the delicate balance between work and life can be a challenge. Especially for working parents of young children. But an expansive new day care in the Brewery District will make it easier for parents who work in the new complex as well as neighbouring Royal Columbian Hospital.More

Crisis Nursery celebrates 30 years caring for children
The StarPhoenix
A family crisis or emergency means that children don't always have a safe place to stay. Many parents need support, whether it's for a few hours or a few days. Saskatoon's Crisis Nursery offers emergency childcare (free of charge) and a home-away-from home for children up to age 12.More

NDP vows to cut child care fees by 20 per cent
Times Colonist
NDP leader Adrian Dix used a campaign stop in Sidney to highlight his party's promise to reduce child care fees, while also asking voters who might be flirting with the Greens to stick by his party.More

Laying the foundation for children's futures
Cowichan News Leader
Unfortunately for modern parents, it's inevitable both mom and pop are forced to work to maintain healthy lifestyles for their family. What's troubling for Cowichan's Mary Dolan, however, is folks having to crunch day care costs with hourly work rates to determine whether it's even viable. That, and the hard press to find close-by day care spaces have Cowichan's ringleader for local day care issues, pushing a call-for-action for the Community Plan for Integrated Early Care and Learning.More

Why full-day kindergarten doesn't work
Weekday mornings at P.L. Robertson Public School in Milton, ON, are unlike anything most of us remember from school. For starters, there are the valets—a team of seven early childhood educators kitted out in orange reflector vests, opening car doors and holding backpacks to ensure a phalanx of minivans dropping off little people rolls apace.More

Private day cares threatened with heavy fines
Montreal Gazette
Family Minister Nicole Leger has threatened to slap sanctions on private day cares as heavy as $5,000 a day if they close their doors in protest against Léger's demands for a $14.9 million budget cut. That fine represents twice the amount Quebec pays in daily subsidies to a private day care provider with 60 places.More

Public school board changes stance on child care
The Hamilton Spectator
The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board is backing away from a controversial decision to award child care for the city's youngest students to Umbrella Family and Child Centres. Education director John Malloy says he's agreed to reconsider the agreement with Umbrella an arm's-length organization chaired by longtime trustee Judith Bishop following a positive meeting with the YMCA, Today's Family and other local service providers.More

An apple a day may keep health care costs away
Canada News Wire
As Canadians head home for a holiday weekend, a new Conference Board of Canada report offers a reminder that healthy lifestyles have an impact on health care costs as well as on individual wellbeing. The Conference Board of Canada's analysis of lifestyle factors among provincial populations finds that there is significant room for improvement in how Canadians take care of their own health.More