Interaction Weekly
Jul. 24, 2013

Open letter to all Canadian premiers
Dear Premiers:

We are writing to bring to your attention our urgent concern about Canada's child care situation. We urge you — as the leaders responsible for social programs — to use your annual meeting to commit to develop a collective strategy to resolve Canada's child care crisis.More

Lettre ouverte à tous les premiers ministres
À tous les premiers ministres,
Nous souhaitons attirer votre attention sur la situation préoccupante du secteur de la garde à l'enfance au Canada qui demande une action impérieuse. Nous vous enjoignons de profiter de votre rencontre estivale pour vous engager à élaborer une stratégie collective en vue de résoudre la crise qui sévit dans ce secteur.More

Unlicensed day care complaints kept secret in Ontario
Toronto Star
Ontario's Ministry of Education keeps the complaint history of unlicensed home day cares secret from the public unless they file a Freedom of Information request, the Star has learned. Parents can't know whether there have been complaints, the nature of the complaints, or whether any action was taken.More

More elementary school-aged kids taking summer school
CTV News
They may be too young to be worried about their future careers, but for thousands of elementary school-aged children in Toronto, summer is a time to learn and get ahead of their fellow classmates. This year, the number of elementary school-aged children enrolled in public summer school programs has nearly doubled, with close to 8,600 students registered. The growing popularity of summer school can be attributed to parents wanting to boost their child's confidence in the classroom.More

Editorial: Ontario needs to review inadequate day care policies
Toronto Star
Four decades after huge numbers of women began to join the workforce, there is still no over-arching child care system in Ontario. That's a shame. Instead, an informal patchwork system exists, with 5,050 regulated daycare centres for kids fortunate enough to get a spot, and for the rest, a vast number of informal arrangements, some illegal, that place precious children at risk. More

Child's death raises private day care questions
CBC News
It will likely be days before it's known how the toddler died, but the death of a two-year-old at a home north of Toronto is raising new questions about conditions at private day cares. Paramedics responded to a home operating as a private day care near Dufferin Street and Highway 407 in Vaughan. Inside they found a child without vital signs who could not be revived. More

Top 10 signs you're an early childhood educator
From Richard Cohen's keynote address "Early Childhood Professionals: The Heroes of Our Time". Watch the entire inspiring 60 minute keynote address as Richard shares his story, interacts with his audience and gets a conference of teachers, caregivers and directors singing, laughing, reflecting and learning. More

Unlocking a child's potential
Marie-Louise Gay, author and illustrator of several successful children's books, believes reading is essential to unlocking the full potential of kids. "One of the reasons I write and illustrate books is that I see how they can really enter a child's life and influence the child to write, to draw, and to see the world in a different way," Gay, who is in Moose Jaw as a participating author with the Saskatchewan Festival of Words, recently told the Times-Herald.More

Kids dream up new playground, volunteers build it
Surrey Now
Volunteers recently put together a brand new playground in north Surrey. The playground at Whalley Athletic Park is now open, and is the real-life translation of the perfect playground dreamed by kids who live in the area, said Andrei Gornenski of Foresters. "Kids from the local schools drew (their ideal playground) and we're trying to match it up as closely as we can," he said. More

Parents hunt for day camps not cancelled by floods
CBC News
Last month's flooding has left some Calgary parents scrambling to find new day camps for their children. The Calgary Zoo and the Talisman Centre were among the popular organizations forced to cancel camps, which working parents of school-aged kids often rely on for summer child care. "We were able to get refunds back to all the parents," said Calgary Zoo spokeswoman Trish Exton-Parder.More

Editorial: Parents speak out about home day care
Toronto Star
We are pleased with our unlicensed home daycare for many reasons but mainly because we were able to choose our provider. We know that every penny we spend on daycare goes to our provider. We communicate daily with each other and deal with any issues as they arise. The relationship with your provider is like any other relationship in life.More

How to beat the heat: 5 ideas for parents and kids
Huffington Post Canada
Ah, those dog days of summer. We wished for heat and we got it — and then some. The soaring mercury often brings out the worst in us, and children are particularly susceptible to the heat. Depending on how high temperatures climb, kids can become extremely irritable and can experience heat stoke, if we're not careful.More

The day care debate
The Globe and Mail
When a two-year-old girl was found dead last week in an illegal daycare in Vaughan, ON, it was easy to see where the battle lines would fall. On one side: traditionalists who viewed the incident as the outcome of warped values placing work ahead of family — a society where children languish in inadequate care as parents chase the almighty dollar. More

Kids respond best when given a choice
North Shore News
Our children have no particular interest in what we need from them, so simply explaining our needs isn't always effective. They don't care if the living room is a mess, they can't understand why they should use utensils to eat when hands work so well, and they have no interest in getting dressed in the morning and out of the house on time. So we need to teach them to co-operate. More

Plan to combat kids' summertime boredom
The Hamilton Spectator
Question: I know we are only midway through summer, but I am ready to see my kids go back to school. Basically, they're sitting around doing nothing yet complaining about being bored. My kids are eight and 10, both boys. We live in the city and so it's not like they can just step outside and be at a beach. How do other parents handle this? What should I do?More