Interaction Weekly
Jul. 31, 2013

Premiers urged to make day care a priority at annual conference
Toronto Star
Canadian child care advocates are urging the premiers at their annual meeting to make safe, affordable, quality child care a national priority. In the wake of two recent child deaths and one alleged poisoning in unlicensed Ontario day cares, the Canadian Child Care Federation and the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada are calling on the premiers to work together on a "pan-Canadian" plan.More

Child care by the numbers
CBC News
Child care has been in the news recently, and not always for the best of reasons. Here are some numbers on early childhood care and education in Canada.More

Steps toward solving the day care dilemma
Hamilton Spectator
Ideally, a big part of the solution would be a national day care strategy, such as the one nearly implemented by Liberal Paul Martin when he was prime minister. But the Harper Conservatives quickly killed the $5 billion initiative for ideological reasons, presumably intending to appeal to traditional conservative supporters. The Conservatives replaced the national plan with one that pays families $100 monthly per child. That covers two or three days of child care, per month.More

Walking to school will boost brain development in children
Digital Journal
Evidence is continuing to mount that walking and exercise will boost intelligence and improve learning skills in children. Researchers now have evidence that physical activity during the early stages of growth will activate nerve cells and aid in healthy brain development. Scientists aren't suggesting that parents enroll their children in a fitness club but, rather, having children engage in physical activity at home or around the neighbourhood will suffice. More

Top 10 signs you're an early childhood educator
From Richard Cohen's keynote address "Early Childhood Professionals: The Heroes of Our Time". Watch the entire inspiring 60 minute keynote address as Richard shares his story, interacts with his audience and gets a conference of teachers, caregivers and directors singing, laughing, reflecting and learning. More

Unlicensed day care complaints kept secret in Ontario
Toronto Star
Ontario's Ministry of Education keeps the complaint history of unlicensed home day cares secret from the public unless they file a Freedom of Information request, the Star has learned. Parents can't know whether there have been complaints, the nature of the complaints, or whether any action was taken. More

Open letter to all Canadian premiers
Dear Premiers: We are writing to bring to your attention our urgent concern about Canada's child care situation. We urge you — as the leaders responsible for social programs — to use your annual meeting to commit to develop a collective strategy to resolve Canada's child care crisis.More

Manitoba kids to stay in booster seats longer
Global News
Manitoba will soon require booster seats for children who have outgrown car seats but are too small to wear regular seatbelts properly. The provincial government says a new law that comes into effect Aug. 8 is meant to reduce serious abdominal or spinal-cord injuries in an accident.More

Cyber safety: Why you should become your kid's Facebook friend
CTV News
Parents are raising a generation of children who've grown up with the Internet, and its steady stream of information constantly a few clicks away. But policing that access is becoming more of a challenge for parents. A new study published in the latest edition of ParentsCanada magazine shows 82 per cent of parents feel they have no control over their child's online activities.More

Simple techniques can help children with stress
The Vancouver Sun
Parents can use a variety of simple, constructive techniques to help even the most anxious children develop resilience to stress, a leading expert told several hundred delegates to an international Brain Development and Learning conference in Vancouver recently. "These methods for problem solving may sound boring, but they work," said Sonia Lupien, a University of Montreal professor who's director of the Centre for Studies on Human Stress. More

Parenting discussion: Should children earn money for chores?
There is no right and wrong when it comes to giving a child cash for chores. Each family must evaluate their own situation and do what is best for them. It is never too early to begin teaching a child a sense of responsibility. There is a debate, however, as to whether offering financial rewards for these chores will aid these lessons, or nullify them.More

Suggestions to make kids' birthday parties fun for all
The StarPhoenix
A birthday is one of the most special days of the year for children. On their birthdays, kids get to be the center of attention and the recipient of well-wishes, gifts and praise. Parents work hard to create memorable birthday party experiences for their children. But faced with the planning process year after year, throwing a memorable birthday bash can be challenging. This year, take much of the work out of the party process by following these tips for success.More

A new after-school program begins this fall to help working parents
Hinton Parklander
A new after-school program is being launched this fall to serve a growing need among Hinton's working parents. Hinton Kids for Success opens its doors on Sept. 3 for the first day of school, offering activities for six to 12-year-olds from 3 to 6 p.m. on weekdays. The program will be run by the town's Family and Community Support Services over the next school year as a pilot project.More