Interaction Weekly
Aug. 7, 2013

Parents can access unlicensed day care complaints
Toronto Star
The Ontario provincial government has pledged to make all complaints against unlicensed day cares available online in a searchable database so parents can learn if their caregiver has been taking in more children than the legal limit. "It is important for parents to have access to as much information as possible when making decisions about child care options," Education Minister Liz Sandals wrote in a statement.More

Roundabouts and children don't mix
Waterloo Region Record
Roundabouts are designed for the smooth flow of vehicle traffic, not for the safety of people who walk. In crowded circles with many lanes, even experienced drivers are busy watching other motorists and checking that they are in the proper lane. The one thing most of them still aren't doing is watching out for pedestrians. Meanwhile, pedestrians are completely unprotected as they cross roundabout traffic.More

Kids aren't playing hockey like they used to
Last winter, Hockey Canada and Bauer Hockey commissioned an independent survey to better understand the challenges facing non-hockey-playing families. The results were stunning. A whopping 90 per cent of the 875 families surveyed in Ontario and Nova Scotia kept their kids out of hockey.More

More beds for Sudbury kids in crisis
Sudbury Star
The redistribution of mental health beds for children will help Health Sciences North address the growing trend of more kids in crisis looking to the hospital for help. HSN's Child and Adolescent Mental Health Program at Kirkwood Place, formerly the Northeast Mental Health Centre, has expanded from two to six beds with the reorganization.More

Day care shifts gears for summer
Prince Albert Daily Herald
Each year, the Humpty Dumpty Child Care Co-op shifts gears during the summer months as it sees an influx of older children who require adult supervision while their parents are working. "The program tends to be a little more geared towards school-age (children), because there's less preschoolers, more kids that are like grade one, grade two... We do more things that are more geared for the older guys — like we go bowling once a week," executive director Susan Ziehl said.More

Walking to school will boost brain development in children
Digital Journal
Researchers now have evidence that physical activity during the early stages of growth will activate nerve cells and aid in healthy brain development. Scientists aren't suggesting that parents enroll their children in a fitness club but, rather, having children engage in physical activity at home or around the neighbourhood will suffice. More

Premiers urged to make day care a priority at annual conference
Toronto Star
Canadian child care advocates are urging the premiers at their annual meeting to make safe, affordable, quality child care a national priority. In the wake of two recent child deaths and one alleged poisoning in unlicensed Ontario day cares, the Canadian Child Care Federation and the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada are calling on the premiers to work together on a "pan-Canadian" plan.More

Child care by the numbers
CBC News
Child care has been in the news recently, and not always for the best of reasons. Here are some numbers on early childhood care and education in Canada. More

Music therapy in the ED: Helping kids deal with painful procedures
By Dorothy L. Tengler
Imagine how scary it is for young children to process the activities in a busy emergency department, especially in view of the critical injuries crashing through the ED doors, not to mention the kids' own injuries. Parents sit with them in this environment, providing — if they can — some semblance of comfort and reassurance. That said, what would help these traumatized youngsters deal with whatever uncomfortable or downright painful procedures they might be facing in an emergency setting? A recent Canadian study suggests music may help distract children who need to undergo painful procedures in the ED.

Survey: More

Finding affordable summer childcare
Whitecourt Star
Low income families with elementary school aged children can find the summer a challenging time financially. During the school year, working parents may need to have their children cared for after school for a few hours until the work day is done, but in the summer, children need to be supervised for eight hours a day while parents are at work. More

What to tell kids about a parent's cancer
Hamilton Spectator
Millions of children have a parent who has, or has had, cancer. Dozens of studies show that many of these children experience worry and stress, but that good communication can ease their fears and isolation, even up to the point of a parent's death. Still, figuring out what to tell the kids — and when — is not easy.More

Council OKs day care proposal
North Bay Nugget
City politicians have unanimously approved the proposed conversion of a Greenwood Avenue church into a day care. Councillor George Maroosis, who is chairman of the Nipissing District Social Services Administration Board, said he's heard from social services staff that there's an "absolute need" in the community for additional day care spaces.More

Childcare essentials: Important checklist to discuss with your babysitter
Babysitting can be somewhat challenging at times, especially if you are not familiar with family procedures. Clear up any questions or misunderstandings before you walk out the door. In order to make sure your children stay safe and the babysitter is prepared, you need to communicate effectively. What is the family evacuation plan for fires? Where is the closest relative or neighbour? Do your children have special needs or allergies?More