Interaction Weekly
Aug. 19, 2015

Parents ask city to extend Markham, Ontario daycare lease
Regan Breadmore was not surprised when she received a termination notice a few weeks ago. "We knew that it was coming," she said. "But we were hoping the city would not do this to us."More

Alberta daycare receives $250,000 from joint capital fund
Peace River Record-Gazette
The Town of Peace River and Northern Sunrise County recently donated $250,000 from their joint capital fund to the Peace River Childcare Association. The funding will go towards the reconstruction of the Sugar Plum Tree Daycare, which was destroyed in a fire last year.More

Ped-day daycare fees to go up after Quebec cuts funding
CBC News
Parents who use school daycare services on pedagogical days may soon find themselves paying double for the service after the Quebec government slashed funding for those days in half. The so-called "ped days" are used for training workshops and other professional development activities for teachers. More

Beware 'container baby' syndrome: Durham expert says babies need tummy time, free movement
Check out any baby registry and you're likely to see a swing, Bumbo seat, vibrating chair, Jolly Jumper or exersaucer somewhere on the list. They're popular for a reason — it's somewhere parents can put their baby down safely for a few minutes so they can grab a shower, make dinner or take care of an older child. But experts say relying too much on these devices can lead to "container babies" who don't get enough time for movement and exploration. More

Much ignored praise for daytime caregivers
Fort McMurray Today
I recently had a conversation with another mother who was seeking a caring day home because she had used one with her first child, and the experience was so beneficial and positive all around that she wanted to give her second child that same experience. It did not take long for the two of us to compile a list of the great aspects of giving young children a second "home" atmosphere in which to learn and grow. More

Rady JCC planning to build new daycare centre
Construction will soon begin on a new daycare centre in Winnipeg at 1710 Grosvenor Avenue. The Rady Jewish Community Centre is spearheading construction to convert the space into a non-profit public daycare with 48 child spaces. More

Square One explains how babysitting activities may actually be considered as daycare operations
Eighty-six per cent of Canadians with children rely on some form of child care services on a regular basis. The monthly cost of these services averages $800 per child. And as many parents have experienced, securing child care can be challenging. Part of the reason is that there are approximately 10,000 licensed daycares in BC and Ontario but they only have the capacity for 15 to 25 per cent of children requiring child care in those provinces. More