Interaction Weekly
Sep. 2, 2015

New Ontario childcare rules come into effect
CBC News
The new law limits unlicensed home daycare providers to look after a maximum of two children under the age of two, where previously they could care for five children of any age. They must also now include their own children, who are under age six, in the group of five children.More

Last-ditch bid to save Markham, Ontario daycare fails
Toronto Star
Toronto's recently retired deputy city manager is shocked Markham, ON, is not renewing the lease of a civic centre daycare, built with public money 25 years ago. "It's devastating to everybody," says Brenda Patterson, who joined parents and staff from TLC Daycare in a meeting with Markham city officials earlier this month in a last-ditch effort to save the 57-space centre.More

Canadian Medical Association calls for proof of vaccinations before children can be enrolled in school
National Post
Every elementary and high school in the country should require parents to provide proof their child has received up-to-date immunizations for school entry, Canada's doctors say. But in a move that could fuel the anti-vaccination movement, delegates to the Canadian Medical Association's annual general council meeting overwhelmingly rejected a call for a national program to compensate those who suffer the extremely rare injuries that can be caused by vaccines. More

Parents urge province to deliver all promised daycare reforms
Toronto Star
Harried parents are clamouring for Ontario to begin requiring school boards to provide before- and after-school care for students ages 6 to 12, where there is sufficient demand. The initiative is already part of a package of child care reforms passed last December, much of which comes into force now. But with provincial consultations on that particular provision still months away, parents are wondering when Ontario will make good on its promise. More

Manitoba universities need more early learning, childcare options
CBC News
Another year of the back-to-school mixture of excitement and anxiety is just around the corner, and some college and university students may already be faced with more anxiety than excitement if quality child care for their children isn't ensured. Current trends in post-secondary education are leading to a higher number of students needing early learning and child care (ELCC). There are more newcomer and indigenous students with children, and more people with families facing work-force changes are pursuing studies for new careers. More

Parents, Ontario childcare advocates want answers on Beausoleil daycare closure
Ottawa Citizen
Nearly 50 families will be taking their children to different daycares starting in September when the city closes the Beausoleil Child Care Centre for a two-year-long repair job to the York Street building. The affected families who said they were "caught by surprise" by the closure formed a group called SOS Beausoleil in the hope of keeping the daycare centre from closing. More

Couples that split childcare duties have better relationships, sex lives
CTV News
A team of researchers from Georgia State University have concluded that heterosexual couples that split childcare duties have higher-quality relationships and sex lives than couples in which the majority of the responsibilities lie with the mother alone. The study was led by Daniel L. Carlson, an assistant professor of sociology at Georgia State University (GSU), and GSU graduate students Sarah Hanson and Andrea Fitzroy. More