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Oct. 16, 2013

Tighter child care rules to be introduced later this fall in Ontario
Newstalk 1010
The province hopes to table some changes this fall that would strengthen rules for home child care. Education Minister Liz Sandals says officials have been reviewing the Day Nurseries Act over the past few months. Sandals says she has the expectation Ministry of Education inspectors will alert other officials if they notice something which is outside of their authority — such as health violations. However, she admits communication could be improved.More

Prince George council supports $10 a day child care
Prince George Local News
Prince George city council unanimously voted to support a public child care program. Council recently heard from Sharon Gregson with Childcare Advocates of B.C., who proposed a Ten Dollar a Day initiative on child care that would cap fees on parents. She says the program would cap spending and have other benefits. The program also proposes new legislation in Victoria that moves child care into the Ministry of Education.More

The $17.5 billion question
The Childcare Resource and Research Unit
For a short period between 2004 and the end of 2005, it seemed that a national early childhood education and child care program would finally materialize in Canada. But this dream ended abruptly when the Conservatives won a federal election in January 2006.More

Community school collaborations — a lifeline for early learning program success
The Huffington Post
In Lifelines for Poor Children, economist and Nobel laureate James Heckman argues that quality early learning programs represent our best national education investment due to evidence of societal benefits from longitudinal studies of Perry Preschool and Abecedarian early childhood programs. The Perry Preschool Project and Abecedarian programs worked extensively with families in their home and community contexts. More

It takes a village to raise a child
Operation Maple
The first action taken by Prime Minister Harper in office was to axe the National Daycare Program. This video showcases the important of day care.More

It takes a village to raise a child
Operation Maple
The first action taken by Harper in office was to axe the National Daycare Program. This video provides incredible detail. More

Tour for kids takes fear out of cemeteries
Kamloops Daily News
Most kids grow up believing that cemeteries are spooky. But the Kamloops Museum and Archives is trying to dispel that notion with a new educational tour of burial grounds geared just for kids. "It's a way for children to learn about Kamloops history and take the fear factor out of cemeteries," said Melissa Baker, museum educator for the City of Kamloops.More

Why early childhood education matters
The Huffington Post
The fashion industry is built on dreams, imagination, and what's on next season's runways. However, if we don't provide the business with the basic tools needed to execute their strategy — such as manufacturing expertise, technical design capabilities, and systems and logistical support — our design teams will not be able to deliver quality product to our customers. More

Stress part of life for parents and children
Williams Lake Tribune
Children flourish when they know they are loved and cared for, feel they belong and are approved of, and know they can succeed, says Mark Thiessen, School District 27 superintendent. "Parents play a key role in helping a child flourish, a role that involves protecting the child from experiencing too much stress for too long," Thiessen. In efforts to help parents and their children adapt to a new and changing school year, Thiessen provides the following information about stress that has been adapted from the Psychology Foundation of Canada.More

Teaching kids about chores
Westman Journal
Chores are a great way for some kids to learn responsibility and to help out around the house. Kids enjoy helping and it takes some of the tasks off of mom and dad. The trick might just be how to get kids to want to help and finding chores that are age appropriate for them. Parents should also note that each child is different and different responsibilities might be better suited for each child. It doesn’t matter what the age of your child is, there is something for everyone to do around the house. More

10 ways to show your kids you love reading
Huffington Post Canada
We all want our kids to read, and we know we should lead by example. But when it comes to reading, that can be hard to do. After all, it's not very engaging for a child to stare at you while you're absorbed in The Hunger Games. So many of us resort to feeble comments along the lines of, "Why don't you read that great book Grandma got you for your birthday?" Kids can think of a million reasons "why not." What they need are reasons why. Here are 10 ways to show them why you love reading.More

Study: To eat more vegetables, children need variety
CTV News
Want your child to eat more vegetables? Rather than smothering broccoli in sauce or cutting carrots into fun shapes, a new study suggests a simple solution: just offer them a lot of variety. Researchers from the University of Leeds, the University of Bourgogne, and the University of Copenhagen analyzed some 250 preschool children living in the U.K., Denmark, and France, with mothers completing surveys about how often their children consumed various vegetables and whether or not they liked them.More

Hamilton CAS workers protest cuts that 'hurt' children
Hamilton Spectator
They said it many different ways. But the message delivered by Hamilton Children's Aid Society workers recently was clear. They feel government cuts to their agency are hurting Hamilton's most vulnerable children. About 100 of the CAS staff and their supporters gathered to protest a budget-driven shutdown outside their Hamilton headquarters. The Hamilton Children's Aid Society has scheduled five days of shutdowns this year to cope with provincial funding cuts.More

Expert: Never too early to warn children about bullying
News 1130
It has been one year since Amanda Todd took her own life, after enduring months of cyber-bullying. One expert says it's never too early to warn children about the power of their words. In fact, the owner of one Vancouver pre-school feels the younger the better and says it's also important to teach children about compassion. "As they grow older, they will see that when another person is suffering, be it a headache, a sneeze, or a boo-boo or a cut on a finger — whatever it is — then they can feel for that person," says Peggy Lee of Little Sunshine Academy.More

Laurier, Brantford discuss child care partnership
Brantford Expositor
Laurier Brantford's search for childcare for its employees has brought it to the city's Beryl Angus Municipal Children's Centre. The joint social services committee authorized staff members to work with Laurier Brantford staff on a potential partnership between the city-run child care centre and the university recently. It's not known at this point what that partnership could look like, but the university has been clear on its need.More

Child, youth, family service measures up
The Leader-Post
Despite its humble beginnings, the Ranch Ehrlo Society has become a leader in providing services to children, youths and families and one official believes accreditation is the key to its success. "We serve children from across Canada, so we get referrals from Newfoundland right through to the Yukon," said David Rivers, Ranch Ehrlo's senior director of quality improvement. "We are a private, not-forprofit organization so we aren't tied to anyone government."More