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Nov. 12, 2014

Study: Day care least affordable in Brampton, most affordable in Gatineau
Montreal Gazette
A city west of Toronto has been named the least affordable place in Canada for regulated day care. The study, titled The Parent Trap and released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, says chil dcare rates in Brampton, ON, are the most disproportionate in the country. Although other Canadian cities may have higher overall child care costs, the study found that those who live in Brampton, 50 kilometres northwest of Toronto, had the highest day care costs in comparison with wages.More

Canada's most and least expensive cities for child care revealed in study
Toronto parents will probably be unsurprised to hear the city has the highest child care fees in country, according to a new study from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Parents of infants can expect to pay $1,676 per month in fees and $1,324 for toddlers. It’s a considerable cost, especially compared to cities in provinces with greater spending on child care, such as in Quebec where fees are capped at $7 per day, or $152 per month. Fees were also relatively high in Vancouver and surrounding areas, where median monthly fees for toddlers exceed $1,200.More

Number of affordable day care spots shrinking as fees in GTA tops Canada
CTV News
As some young families in Ontario struggle to pay for rising day care costs, the number of available child care spaces has also been shrinking – putting additional stress on an already strained system. According to those in the industry, hundreds of day care centres in the province have been affected by the rollout of full-day kindergarten. They say while it has helped some parents save thousands of dollars, many pre-school and child care centres have lost full-day clients as a result of the program. More

Sudbury school to focus on money management for kids
CBC News
The Rainbow District School Board is receiving a grant to offer special talks on a variety of topics. At Carl A. Nesbitt Public School, students and their parents will be able to take part in a talk about money management. According to the Canadian Foundation of Economic Education, 50 per cent of high school graduates, students between the ages of 17 and 20, have debt.More

Scarce day cares: The 'very difficult' task of finding a spot
Brandon Sun
At six months pregnant, Cathy Binda was looking to line up daycare for her children, only to be faced with a three-year waiting list. "It was very difficult and very, very stressful," she said.More

Chatham day care deal a possibility
Chatham-Kent officials have found a private operator for one of its two day cares. A total of five companies submitted proposals to operate the May Court Childcare Learning Centre in Chatham. More

Manitoba parents least likely to use child care: StatsCan
Global News
Manitoba parents were least likely to use child care in Canada in 2011, a new Statistics Canada report says. Only 34 per cent of Manitoba parents placed their kids in some form of child care in 2011, compared to the national average of 46 per cent, the study says. More

Quebec day care workers rally against sliding-scale fee model
Global News
Marisol Nolasco brings her one and a half year old to the Carajou CPE every morrning. At just 18, she said it's a relief to have found a place she can trust with her daughter while she finishes high school. "You can see how much they care and it's something I don't think you'll find anywhere else," she said, explaining her daughter loves the CPE so much, she sometimes refuses to leave. More

A new plan for Hamilton school kids to play, not sit at recess
CBC News
Elementary kids will dance in a Zumba class around lunchtime Monday at Pauline Johnson Elementary School on the Mountain. And organizers of a new "active recess" initiative hope they won't stop. A $9,000 grant from a kids-focused charitable foundation from the Goodlife Fitness chain of fitness gyms will fund new equipment for kids to use during recess at four Hamilton schools. The others are Roxborough Park, Chedoke and Hess Street Junior Public School.More

What doctors are warning parents about allergies and asthma in kids
Global News
After eating an orange, a U.S. toddler went into anaphylactic shock – the first time such a case has been reported, according to doctors. Now they’re warning parents: allergies and asthma go hand-in-hand so it’s important to know your child’s risk factors. Ninety per cent of kids with asthma also have allergies. That puts them at risk of suffering difficult-to-treat allergic reactions if their asthma is undiagnosed or poorly controlled.More

Teach your kids that perfection is out and authenticity is in
The Huffington Post
One of my fears as a parent is that my kids will grow up and want to be someone different than the beautiful, unique people they are today. After all, it happened to me. What's stopping it from happening to them? Despite being raised by wonderful parents who regularly said things like "I love you for you," and "you're perfect just the way you are," I spent intermittent weeks and months during my teenage years and 20s wishing I could be someone else — someone who was better at calculus... someone who had perfect skin... someone who was rooted and not restless... someone with a ballerina's thighs rather than a gymnast's.More