CDAA Dental Assistant Weekly
Mar. 12, 2013

Scientists grow teeth from gum cells
Medical News Today
The day a new "biotooth" can be grown in the gap left by a missing tooth as an alternative to having a false one implanted came a step closer recently when U.K. researchers revealed how they have developed a way to bioengineer new teeth from a person's own gum cells. More

Can dental anesthetic really make your heart beat faster?
Oral Answers
Back when I was in dental school, the instructors told us to always pull back on the anesthetic syringe before injecting. By doing this, we would make sure that we weren't injecting the anesthetic into a blood vessel, which would cause the epinephrine in the anesthetic to make the patient's heart feel like it was beating out of their chest.More

Chewing ability tied to dementia risk
If you are able to bite into an apple, you are more likely to maintain mental abilities according to new research. Research shows several possible contributors such changes, with several studies demonstrating an association between not having teeth and loss of cognitive function and a higher risk of dementia.More

Pacifiers and dental health
Dr. Perrone
Pacifiers are used as a soothing tool in infants and very young children. The habit of sucking is a normal, natural behavior for babies. This is how they receive all of their nutrition in the first months of life. Some babies will even begin sucking on their fingers or thumb inside the womb. Babies will also suck for other reasons. It is a soothing behaviour that can help them relax and sometimes even put them to sleep.More

Suffering from migraines? The headache could be your teeth
Richard Casson Dental Blog
The severe headache pain that appears to be a migraine could be caused by problems with your teeth or jaw. If you're suffering from headaches, especially if they appear first thing in the morning, then consult your dentist as there are numerous things that can be done to control the pain.More

The real reason your teeth are hurting
Men's Health
Feel pain in your pearly whites? Don't rush to the dentist just yet. You could have over-sensitive teeth instead of a cavity, according to new research in the Journal of the American Dental Association. Dentists examined more than 700 hurting patients to pinpoint the root of their pain, and found that one in eight were suffering from tooth sensitivity. It happens when the enamel on the outside of your tooth, or the tissue between your tooth and gum, starts to wear away, says John M. Coke, D.D.S., professor of General Dentistry & Oral Medicine at the University of Alabama. That exposes tubes connecting the nerves inside your teeth, so any kind of stimulus on that nerve will register as pain, Dr. Coke says.More

The secret life of biofilms
Dr. Biscuspid
Bacteria flowing through medical devices form biofilms that then trap more bacteria, ultimately creating a net-like barrier that can clog water lines, tubes, and filters much more quickly than previously thought, according to a new study from Princeton University researchers.More

The pros and cons of building a new dental practice
Dr. Biscuspid
When Julia Hoang, DDS, graduated from dental school six years ago, she set a goal of taking over a practice within five years. But after trying unsuccessfully to buy the practice where she had been an associate for almost five years, she decided to take a leap of faith and open her own practice from scratch.More

What makes your dental websites better?
Modern Dental Marketing
Not everyone asks this question when interviewing a dental website designer, but it is an important question that should be asked. What makes your websites better than others? Any company that is not prepared to answer this question, without using jargon and sales BS, isn’t worth your time.More

Study proves fluoride helps adult teeth
ABC Adelaide
How often when you’re drinking Mount Gambier tap water, do you think about the fact that it’s fluoridated? The fluoride’s been in the city’s water supply for a few years now and despite the fact that it was something of a controversial move at the time, that’s since died down. More

Famous people you didn't know were dentists
Dental Buzz
Who says dentistry isn't exciting? Our noble profession has captured the hearts and imaginations of some pretty interesting people over the years. Granted, eventually these folks turned to other less fascinating professions — like acting, gun fighting, inventing, painting and saving the country — but still, they all had their "roots" (pardon the pun) in the enviable art of dentistry. Just check out this list of people you didn't know were dentists:More

Can a new electric toothbrush really get your teeth cleaner?
The Sonicare has been the gold standard of teeth cleaning for years. Now, the Oral B Deep Sweep says it "removes up to 76 per cent more plaque than the Sonicare FlexCare in hard to reach places." More

Why teeth darken
Dental PR News
Each tooth in your mouth three layers and one root, and understanding why teeth darken requires first identifying each of these layers.More