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    Why teeth darken
    Dental PR News
    Each tooth in your mouth three layers and one root, and understanding why teeth darken requires first identifying each of these layers. The layers of your teeth are enamel, dentin and pulp. The root of your tooth joins blood vessels and nerves in your jawbone to blood vessels and nerves in your tooth. The outermost layer of your teeth naturally erodes with age. As it erodes, the yellowish dentin is exposed. Due to this, age is one of the most common causes of dingy-looking teeth. Your enamel is also where surface stains appear.
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    The importance of being proactive with your mouth
    Digital Press
    Your oral health can contribute to larger health issues in your body. Keeping your mouth in good condition with a good daily hygiene routine and regular visits to your dentist will help you maintain your overall health. Many diseases and other conditions have been linked to gum disease and the bacteria festering in untreated mouths. Preventing your dental health from causing these conditions requires active participation by you and treatment from your dentist. Some of these conditions include...
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    Postmenopausal smokers risk greater tooth loss
    Dr. Bicuspid
    Postmenopausal women who have smoked are at much higher risk of losing their teeth than women who never smoked, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Dental Association. The study is the first to examine comprehensive smoking histories that allowed the researchers to unravel some of the causes behind tooth loss in postmenopausal women who smoked, they noted in a press release.
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    CELEBRATING 15 YEARS - THE "BEST" IN THE HANDPIECE BUSINESS! Serving Dentists Canada-wide since 1998, Precision Dental are the Handpiece Specialists! We repair all Handpieces and most small equipment. We're Authorized dealers for KaVo, NSK/Brasseler, J.Morita, Bien Air, Aseptico, Nouvag and more. We carry a Full line of equipment for Restorative, Surgical, Endo, and Hygiene Equipment. Demo's are available.

    Team spirit reflected in office trip to Guatemala
    Calgary Herald
    What would you like to see in your workplace? How about a team trip to Guatemala to volunteer for a week? That's exactly what Jan Jaffer and Manjula Reddy offered out to their dental clinic instead of the annual team trip to Jamaica! A small business, Jan has a few offices in Calgary, but it is the Creekside, Royal Oak and Ranchlands Clinics that have pushed for a new type of office bonding. Of the 60 staff, five individuals including Jan and Manjula are in Guatemala volunteering with Dentistry from All. I sat down with the group to find out what it means to work for a dental practice that offers this type of team bonding.
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    New dental product: Evacuator tips are scented
    Dentistry IQ
    Scented ECOtip Swirls Earth-Friendly High Volume Evacuator Tips are available from Practicon. ECOtip Swirls feature the same moisture-resistant, high-performance paper ECOtip construction that rivals plastic tips in stiffness—with one key difference. ECOtip Swirls are gently scented and spiral printed in the tradition of old-fashioned candy sticks. Patients can pick their favorite flavor from the jar, just like at the candy store.
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      IC Gel: Antiseptic Skin Gel

    Residue-free, non-staining gel for rapid, lasting hand sanitization. IC Gel contains 70% ethanol, killing 99.99% of harmful germs. Highly effective but gentle, our combination of emollients offers superior moisturizing to counteract the drying effects of ethanol. IC Gel evaporates quickly to facilitate glove donning and does not impact glove performance.

    Alcohol consumption ups oral cancer risk in men
    Dr. Bicuspid
    Alcohol consumption causes approximately 20,000 cancer deaths in the U.S. annually, especially oral cavity cancer in men and breast cancer in women, according to a new study in the American Journal of Public Health. It is the first comprehensive analysis of alcohol-attributable cancer deaths in the U.S. in more than 30 years, the study authors noted. Notably, even moderate drinkers who consume 1.5 drinks daily or fewer accounted for 30 per cent of alcohol-caused cancer deaths, according to researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine and the School of Public Health.
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    Nunavut needs better preventative dental care: MLA
    Nunatsiaq News
    Nunavut needs more dentists, hygienists and dental therapists working regularly in the territory. Hudson Bay MLA Alan Rumbolt brought up the issue in Nunavut's legislature recently during question period. "An increase in dental preventative care in Nunavut communities would go a long way towards the health and well being of all the residents," Rumbolt said, in a question directed to health minister Keith Peterson.
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    How to make flossing a habit
    Huffington Post
    Why is it so tough to remember to floss? I rarely run into a patient who can't remember to brush their teeth twice a day, but even the most conscientious among us come to their hygiene appointment anxious and awaiting the hygienist's lecture about flossing. Flossing can be icky and awkward — no one likes feeling like they're shoving their entire fist into their mouth. But the reason why we don't make flossing a habit is a bit more complicated and has its roots in psychology.

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    Surprising dental health benefits of licorice
    Dental Health Magazine
    Experts believe that nearly 80 per cent of American adults may be suffering from gum disease and not even been aware of it. Gum disease isn't only bad for your gums and teeth, but it's also been directly connected to many types of heart and lung disease. Obviously, fighting tooth decay and gum disease should be a priority for all of us. One surprising ally in the battle against these two dental culprits is licorice root. Research suggests that dried licorice root is good for oral health. In fact, it has shown to be very effective in fighting cavities and gum disease.

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    Modern diets are rotting out teeth
    Medical News Today
    A study of the evolution of our teeth over the last 7,500 years shows that humans today have less diverse oral bacteria than historic populations, which scientists believe have contributed to chronic oral diseases in post-industrial lifestyles. The authors say that analyzing the DNA of calcified bacteria on the teeth of humans throughout modern and ancient history "has shed light on the health consequences of the evolving diet and behavior from the Stone Age to modern day".

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