CEEDA Briefing
Jun. 11, 2015

Inside Salford Group
Farm Industry News
Farm equipment manufacturer Salford Group is on a plan for growth. The company, best known for its tillage and seeding equipment, has in the past 12 months acquired two other companies — BBI Spreaders, which makes spinner spreaders, and Valmar, maker of air boom spreaders. More

Ontario first in North America to restrict pesticides blamed for bee decline
The Globe and Mail
The Ontario government has unveiled North America's first agricultural restrictions on a widely used class of pesticides blamed for the decline in bees and other pollinators. The controversial regulations aimed at reducing use of neonicotinoid insecticides made by Bayer AG and Syngenta AG by 80 per cent within two years goes into effect on July 1. More

ISOBUS compatibility sees improvement under AEF system
In 2008 engineers at the major manufacturers and a few other brands decided to work together to create a standard for tractor-implement digital compatibility. That led to the creation of the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF), which now has over 170 member companies and groups. The ultimate goal of that organization was to create a global standard for electronic communication between all tractor monitors and implement control systems. More

New national online resource helps farmers brush up on Sprayers 101
Real Agriculture
You know them as @Nozzle_Guy and @Spray_Guy on Twitter, but Tom Wolf and Jason Deveau are also now hosting a national, online sprayer- and spraying-focused resource, Sprayers101.com. Ontario's Deveau, spray application specialist with the ministry of agriculture, food and rural affairs, and Saskatchewan-based Wolf, have teamed up to provide a unique one-stop-shop for those looking for calculators, apps, tables, charts, and tips for improving their spray applications. More

Best practices for direct farm marketing and 5 things you need to avoid
Country Guide
Chances are you are going to need to work hard to build product awareness. The experts agree you need a plan for how you're going to let your potential customers know why they're going to want to do business with you. More

5 new agricultural product enhancements
Farm Industry News
Claas invests in a new shredlage technology for its harvesters; Monsanto upgrades two of its pest management tools; New Holland upgrades its mini excavators; Syngenta expands its AgriEdge program; and John Deere adds tools to the Operations Center within MyJohnDeere. Click through for more information and links. More

Dealer Association merger moves forward
Precision Farming Dealer
The joint boards of the Pacific Northwest Association (PNW) and Western Equipment Dealers Association (WEDA) voted to move forward with a proposal that would consolidate the two associations. This action is the first step toward a merger, which requires a vote by PNW dealer members which should be completed this summer. More

Belarus tractors are back
The Minsk-built line of tractors offering low purchase prices and simple mechanical technology, formerly marketed in Canada as Belarus, is officially back. Their distributor claims the tractors still offer what it calls simple, durable and easy-to-repair designs. But this time the machines wear the MTZ brand name, not Belarus. More