National biodiesel consumer survey

From the National Biodiesel Board

Each year the NBB communications team conducts online surveys of U.S. voters to track trends, gauge awareness of biodiesel, and see what messages resonate with consumers from year-to-year. Awareness and positive impressions of biodiesel among key audiences remains critical to maintaining support for the industry. This year the poll gathered responses from 1,064 registered voters across the country and showed consistent results with prior polling from 2017 and 2018.

In September 2019, 73 percent of respondents said they were aware of biodiesel. The demographics most likely to have heard of biodiesel included individuals with a household income of $75-$99k (86%), men age 18-34 (86%), voters employed full-time (80%), and college and post-grads (79%). While 2019's 73 percent awareness is significantly better than NBB's first survey of just 27 percent awareness in June 2004, it is below peak awareness of 86 percent in September 2009.

Along with awareness, 2019 respondents had a 54% positive and only 3% negative impressions of biodiesel, with 44% saying no opinion/don't know. While we would like to see higher positive opinions, a 3% negative impression is extremely low. Additionally, there is a drastic difference in positive impressions in those familiar with biodiesel versus those not familiar — 71% positive in those familiar compared to just 35% positive in those unfamiliar. So, if awareness equates so strongly to positive impressions, we must increase biodiesel awareness to increase support. Which is exactly what NBB communications programs are designed to do.

More results of the survey can be seen in our press release online.