Suspicious internet bill-paying company targeting heating oil companies

CEMA has received complaints about the bill-paying service directing heating oil customers of CEMA marketers to pay their bills through doxo. According to their website: "Join the largest nationwide bill payment network. doxo delivers simple, secure, fast bill payment to your customers on any device. With doxoDIRECT, you and your customers both benefit from doxo's user-centered, mobile-friendly bill pay. doxoDIRECT setup is fast and easy... and free." According to our members, when a homeowner does a search for your company on the Internet, in order to pay their bills to you, doxo appears near the top of the search list, purporting to represent your company to help the customer pay their bill. You can test this out for yourself: just do a Google search "[your company name] pay my bill online." One of the top five searches will have your company name for online bill payment with a doxo address. When you go to that site, you'll see a lot of your company information posted including your company contact info. When the customer clicks on "Pay Bill" after entering an amount, it will ask for personal information, including the customer's account number with you. They the customer proceeds to payment. The price they pay doxo includes a surcharge, which is not disclosed to the buyer. Then, hopefully, doxo will eventually pay you for the money the customer paid to this third party. So, this entire bill-paying arrangement is done without your permission, in a way that makes the customer think they are paying you directly. CEMA reported this activity to the Department of Consumer Protection. They said federal laws may be violated (which puts it out of their jurisdiction), and that if you felt you have been scammed, you should report it to the FBI here