HME and TWIC renewal extension: New Haven fingerprinting to open May 15, New London May 30

As previously announced, federal agencies allowed states to extend Hazardous Materials Endorsements for CDL licenses that expire after March 1 for 180 days, through July 31, 2020. However, CT DMV has only allowed license renewal extensions through June 8 per their guidance here Since you need to have your paperwork for federal background checks ready if you are to renew your CDL when DMV offices re-open on June 8, you'll need to get your fingerprinting done well before June 8 if your license has recently expired, since it typically takes several weeks for these to process. To get an appointment for fingerprinting, you can go online to TSA here However, as of this writing, the New Haven fingerprinting center is closed through May 15, and the New London center is closed through May 30. The Springfield, MA center appears to be currently open. Given the fact that you can't renew your HME without fingerprinting, we've heard that DMV will extend HME requirements further, likely to comply with the federal July 31 date. We'll confirm this when they announce it. Regarding the TWIC program, federal agencies have jurisdiction over this, and so the July 31 extension will apply for TWIC regardless of what DMV does.