CEMA Realtor Program update

Protecting oilheat's market share starts with educating realtors and home inspectors, who could have a strong influence on homebuyers' energy choices. CEMA contracts with Warm Thoughts Communications to conduct or realtor program, which is called PRO$. With 5 in-person presentations already completed before the arrival of COVID-19, Warm Thoughts was poised to make a strong impact this Spring. The changing landscape means that they had to be nimble and shift their approach. This month's report focuses on the strategies that will drive PRO$ in Connecticut during the current situation, and the shift away from in person activities to digital and remote engagement with our target audience. Here's Warm Thought's update:

Modifying Our Message

Homes are still being sold, but much more of the sale is being conducted remotely. There are fewer in person office meetings and fewer open houses. Our goals remain the same but our message to agents have shifted:
• There are opportunities in every market right now it may not be selling homes, but it can be increasing oilheat expertise to be ready when the market opens up again.
• Our free educational tools will help agents close more deals now AND make them more powerful Realtors in the future.
• Our training, education and support can help office brokers keep their agents sharp while they are stuck at home.

Virtual Presentations
Our first focus is on virtual presentations conducted via Zoom.
• PRO$ only premium Zoom account to allow for maximum reach and presentation availability
• Interactive platform including availability to chat, ask questions, and share screen
• Zoom is almost like being in person agents can see each other and communicate easily with our presenter

We are also offering to host meetings for offices using Zoom if they don't have the platform, during which we will do an abbreviated version of our presentation. We have already tested out this platform in New Jersey, and the results/feedback from agents has been EXCELLENT.

Facebook Live
Starting next week, we will launch the first in a series of Facebook Live events specific for Connecticut Realtors. Each FB Live will be dedicated to a specific oilheat topic. We expect to cover the following in the first few events:
• Connecticut rebates
• How to handle underground tanks
• Oilheat safety

PRO$ Edge Eblasts
Also starting next week, we will be sending out regular PRO$ Edge e newsletters to the several hundreds of agents in our PRO$ network. Each PRO$ Edge will contain:
• Important and useful oilheat facts
• Links to upcoming Facebook Live events
• An invitation to schedule virtual presentations

If there are any Realtors or offices that you'd like us to add to our distribution list, please let us know!

PRO$ Website Updates
We have updated the Connecticut PRO$ website to reflect these new activities, with the greatest focus being on scheduling online presentations via Zoom. In addition, we have updated the materials form which will easily allow agents to access PRO$ materials online or order materials to be shipped.

Home Inspector Program
• We are continuing to encourage Connecticut home inspector programs to keep in contact with us via our quarterly eblasts.
• Our most recent PRO$ Edge Home Inspector Eblast had a 55% open rate, which is incredibly high for any industry!
• Several home inspectors ordered their free copies of the Home Inspector's Guide to Oilheat online as a result.
• We anticipate a delay of our next Home Inspector CEU course, but are hopeful that we'll have an opportunity to schedule it in the Fall.