Thermal Program Scrutinized

This week, The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) held its second technical hearing on a program to promote biodiesel blending that CEMA has been advocating for over the past two years. For CEMA members to comply with the state law that requires us to lower our carbon dioxide emissions by 45% by 2030, our Board of Directors decided that an incentive program similar to the ones that are used to promote other renewables like solar and wind would be helpful to meet that requirement. With zero emissions electricity the new fuel that Connecticut is pushing to lower greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), CEMA is working to keep liquid fuel a viable choice for consumers so we are not regulated out of business.

The technical hearing covered several topics including emissions, supply, costs, and equipment compatibility. In total DEEP asked thirty-five detailed questions where they scrutinized biodiesel and whether is should be treated like other renewables. DEEP pressed industry representatives on mandating biodiesel blends and making fuel distributors obligated parties (a designation electric generators have).

If DEEP moves forward with the program, it would require fossil fuel electric generators to purchase clean energy credits from CEMA members with clean biodiesel with home heating oil so they can comply emission standards. DEEP is expected to release their recommendations on the program later in August.