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Aug. 20, 2013

Power networking: Chicago's most active networking groups
Crain's Chicago Business
Online, schmonline. In Chicago, it still takes a handshake to seal a deal. Social media can't replace the simple value of building trust, sharing human stories and forming real relationships. So says Shane Greenstein, professor at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. More

Drinks and discussions — CFA Chicago Society summer happy hour
CFA Chicago
Join your fellow colleagues for a networking happy hour at Pazzo's @ 311, hosted by the CFA Women Advisory Group. Note: All members of the Society are welcome to attend. Please consider this an opportunity to showcase the diversity of the CFA Chicago Society to a female client or coworker, and support the charitable women's organization, Sarah's Circle, by bringing or donating one or more items on the Wish List.More

Be informed — Gary Black talks Fed policy changes to anticipate, outlook
CFA Chicago
Gary Black, global co-chief investment officer and chief investment officer of Alternative Investments, heads up the next CFA Chicago Distinguished Speaker Series. Black will discuss our macro economic outlook and market commentary in anticipation of the changes in Fed policy.More

Master the fundamentals of investing: Live Claritas Prep Program
CFA Chicago
CFA Society Chicago has worked with CFA Institute to develop a "live" prep program for the Claritas Investment Certificate. Our "live" classroom experience is taught by local industry professionals and Ph.D.s. The course will deliver the fundamentals of investing and it will help you prepare for the exam.More

A very brief guide to portfolio management: 'Watch everything . . . always'
CFA Institute's Enterprising Investor
Jason Voss writes: "I read something absolutely crazy earlier this year, clearly written by someone very ignorant. In fact, that the story made it past its editor is evidence of the shoddy state of reporting. Here is a quote from the piece: '. . . quadruplex DNA is found fairly consistently throughout the genome of human cells . . .' Ha! Can you imagine? Four stranded DNA?! DNA only has two strands wound around each other in a double helix form! That’s obvious!"More

Achieving clarity and restoring trust
Gulf News
The global financial crisis continues to have a painful impact on investors around the world. A cursory glance at any daily newspaper, evening news bulletin or popular blog sustains a general public perception that blame falls to the financial community. If a viable return to growth is to be achieved, it will be largely dependent on rebuilding public confidence in the credibility of the world’s financial systems. More

Regulators fine Chicago Exchange
The Wall Street Journal
The Securities and Exchange Commission sanctioned the Chicago Stock Exchange, alleging years of securities-market rule violations that sometimes hit investors' pocketbooks. The Chicago Stock Exchange, or CHX, agreed to pay a $300,000 penalty in the matter, which centered on a service used to report trades agreed privately among brokers, according to an SEC order filed recently.More

Ensemble investment group for startups arrives in Chicago
Chicago Tribune
A new startup investment group called Ensemble has launched in Chicago, offering discounts on services such as digital marketing and business consulting in exchange for equity stakes in high-growth companies.More

3 ways introverted leaders can thrive in an extroverted world
By Deborah Wipf
Have you ever stood in the back of a crowded room to take a break from talking to people? Did you have an overpowering urge to turn down that party invitation to stay home and read a book? Me too! As a fellow introvert, I can reassure you that you're not weird or antisocial. Solitude and quiet enable us to recharge so we can go back out into this extroverted world with some energy left in our emotional and physical tanks. So, how can introverted leaders cut through the noise?More

Moody's method to Chicago's madness
Crain's Chicago Business
A more conservative stance by one of the Wall Street bond rating agencies threatens another round of downgrades and higher borrowing costs for Chicago and other local governments in Illinois. Ultimately, it puts more pressure on the state's pension reform effort or, failing that, to raise taxes at the local level. More

Warren Buffet cuts stake in Kraft, Mondelez
Chicago Business Journal
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. has cut its shares of Kraft Foods Group Inc. and Mondelez International Inc. In a quarterly filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Berkshire said it had 192,666 shares of Kraft Foods as of June 30, a drop of 88 percent from its reported holdings as of March 31, according to CNBC.More

Emanuel's Chicago is on path to be the next Detroit
Investor's Business Daily
Chicago appears to be following Detroit's lead to financial disaster, perhaps the latest victim of decades of one-party rule by Democrats eager to redistribute wealth while driving real wealth creators out of cities.More

Why do people find it so hard to save?
CFA Institute
The allure of hedonistic lifestyles, of "wine, women and song" ("sur, sura, sundari" in Hindi), translates into almost every language.More

How Nate Silver won the Internet (and you can too
This fall, Nate Silver — political predictor and baseball sabermetric man — will bring his statistical knowledge and predictive analysis chops to ESPN.More

Tips from Nate Silver to help you play by the numbers
Revolutions, a blog about numbers and analytics, was on hand to hear ESPN's Nate Silver at the recent Joint Statistical Meeting in Montreal. He's got some 11 tips and principles for journalists when it comes to dealing with numbers, specifically statistics. More

Tech industry slips into a surprising slump
Chicago Tribune
After a six-year boom ignited by the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, tech firms are in the unusual position of being laggards in the U.S. economy's recovery. More

Obama to meet with financial regulators on Wall Street reform law
President Barack Obama will sit down with the leading U.S. financial market regulators to discuss their progress in implementing the 2010 Wall Street reform law, the White House said.More