Weekly Fuel
Mar. 19, 2015

National Research Council Canada to present at HFC 2015
Dear CHFCA Members and Friends,

We are pleased to announce that Dr. François Girard, Thrust Leader for Fuel Cell Manufacturing in the National Research Council Canada's Vehicle Propulsion Technologies Program, has agreed to attend as a guest speaker at HFC 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.More

Graphene membrane could lead to better fuel cells, water filters
Penn State News
An atomically thin membrane with microscopically small holes may prove to be the basis for future hydrogen fuel cells, water filtering and desalination membranes, according to a group of 15 theorists and experimentalists, including three theoretical researchers from Penn State. The team, led by Franz Geiger of Northwestern University, tested the possibility of using graphene, the robust single atomic layer carbon, as a separation membrane in water and found that naturally occurring defects, essentially a few missing carbon atoms, allowed hydrogen protons to cross the barrier at unprecedented speeds. More

Australia scientists have found a cheap way to create hydrogen for clean fuel
Business Insider
University of NSW scientists have developed a cheap and efficient electrode for splitting water which has the potential to be scaled up for industrial production of the clean energy fuel, hydrogen. The technology is based on an inexpensive, specially coated foam material which lets the bubbles of oxygen escape quickly.More

Check out Sainsbury's latest innovation: Hydrogen refuelling in aisle 11
You might normally associate a trip to Sainsbury's with buying ham and honey — but you can now also stock up on hydrogen for your car. The U.K.'s first public hydrogen refuelling station at a supermarket has opened at the large grocery store in Hendon, north London. Although a drop in the ocean, this is an important milestone; hydrogen fuel-cell cars may be the future, but not until there is a viable network of refuelling centres.More

AFC Energy to bring fuel cells to South Korea
Hydrogen Fuel News
AFC Energy, a leading developer of fuel cells, has announced that it has made an agreement with Samyoung and Changshin, two companies that operate in South Korea. Per the agreement, AFC Energy will be developing a 50 megawatt fuel cell system for the companies. The fuel cell system will be delivered in numerous phases, with the first phase beginning at the end of 2016. The system will be comprised of the company's alkaline fuel cells.More

Researchers synthesize new thin-film material for use in fuel cells
Researchers from Cornell University have synthesized a new thin-film catalyst for use in fuel cells. In a paper published in the journal APL Materials, from AIP Publishing, the team reports the first-ever epitaxial thin-film growth of Bi2Pt2O7 pyrochlore, which could act as a more effective cathode — a fundamental electrode component of fuel cells from which positive current flows through an external circuit delivering electric power.More

New nanomaterials will boost renewable energy
Global energy consumption is accelerating at an alarming rate. There are three main causes: rapid economic expansion, population growth, and increased reliance on energy-based appliances across the world. Fuel cells usually use expensive platinum electrodes, but a non-metal alternative could be an affordable solution for energy security. Fuel cells generate electricity by oxidizing fuel into water, providing clean and sustainable power.More

Want a Toyota Mirai fuel-cell car? You might wait until 2018
The Wall Street Journal
Toyota Motor Corp.'s fuel-cell car Mirai, which runs on hydrogen and emits just water and heat, has attracted more demand than the auto maker had initially expected. In fact, customers in Japan putting in orders today should expect to wait three years before the car is delivered, Toyota said. "The Mirai contains many new technologies. We are launching cautiously by thoroughly manufacturing each and every car to ensure a high level of quality, so the production volume is limited," Toyota said in a statement.More

Report highlights opportunities for hydrogen fuel and natural gas
Hydrogen Fuel News
Sandia National Laboratories has released a new report that suggests there are promising opportunities for producers of hydrogen fuel and natural gas. These opportunities exist in the fueling sector, where the demand for both hydrogen and natural gas is beginning to grow due to the development of vehicles that use these fuels. The report shows that hydrogen and natural gas share opportunities for growth in this sector.More

U.K. hydrogen first opens in Aberdeen
Gas World
The U.K.'s first hydrogen production and bus refuelling station was officially opened today, as part of a £19 million green transport demonstration project. Aberdeen City Council leader Jenny Laing was joined by BOC's director of Bulk and Packaged Gases Nathan Palmer and Transport Scotland chief executive David Middleton to open the station, which will fuel Europe's largest hydrogen bus fleet.More