Weekly Fuel
Oct. 23, 2014

Hydrogen-powered forklifts gaining prominence
Cambridge Times
Hydrogen fuel cells are proving to be a viable replacement for lead-acid batteries used in forklifts at warehouses, according to Keith Wipke, a senior engineer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the United States. The technology works by replacing traditional lead-acid batteries in forklifts and other equipment with hydrogen fuel cells that can be refilled by on-site tanks. "The fuel cell reacts hydrogen with oxygen from the air (and) that produces pure water, heat and electricity. It behaves much like a battery," said Wipke. More

New Flyer teams with CALSTART to build a hydrogen fuel bus
Hydrogen Fuel News
New Flyer Industries, a bus manufacturer based in Canada, has announced that it has begun working with CALSTART, a non-profit clean transportation organization. Together, the two organizations will develop a new, 60-foot battery fuel cell hybrid bus that will be part of New Flyer's Xcelsior X60 platform. This will be one of the largest hybrid buses that has been built and put into operation in North America. The bus will use both a hydrogen fuel cell and lithium ion batteries.More

Hydrogen-powered car designed in the cloud
Electronics Weekly
Riversimple, a Powys-based start-up developing a road-going hydrogen fuel cell powered car is carrying out some of its design in the cloud and has adopted Cadonix cloud-based automotive harness CAD tools. "We're designing a radically new car — which will be in market trials late next year. It emits nothing but a tiny amount of water and will do more than the equivalent of 200 mpg," said David Rothera, vehicle electronic engineer at Riversimple.More

Energy storage fuels pick-up in fuel cell sales
Shipments of fuel cell technology from the likes of Plug Power, Bloom Energy and myriad other players should reach 1.5 million annually by 2023, according to new projections from Navigant Research. Right now, the main driver is installations for industrial and commercial buildings, where fuel cells are gaining credibility as a power back-up alternative during outages or to complement demand response strategies (in which business reduce their load on the electric grid for a break in pricing).More

New Jersey students to get the opportunity to study hydrogen fuel
Hydrogen Fuel News
Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing markets in the U.S. and there is a strong demand for educated and skilled workers in this sector. The rapid growth of clean energy has created education opportunities for youth throughout the country and some educational organizations are taking steps to ensure that current students have the chance to make themselves valuable in the future energy market.More

Hydrogenics introduces 'Celerity' fuel cell power system for medium and heavy duty vehicles
Hydrogenics, a leading developer and manufacturer of hydrogen generation and hydrogen-based power modules, recently announced the introduction of "Celerity," a new fuel cell system purposely developed for medium and heavy duty buses and trucks. Celerity provides a distinct solution which will help accelerate the commercialization of zero emission vehicles by reducing the time and cost needed to integrate fuel cells into a vehicle's drive-train.More

World's first retail hydrogen fuel network to open in California
Silicon Republic
A fuel provider in California has made clean energy history after signing a deal to build the world's first retail hydrogen fuel network for S$25.5 million. While the number of hydrogen-fuelled cars in the world remains few and far between, car producers, particularly in Japan and the U.S., have begun experimenting with the technology in recent years.More

Research on how surfaces respond under extreme conditions lead to energy advances
Academics were always important for Bilge Yildiz, the daughter of two math teachers, as she was growing up in and around Izmir, Turkey. Her parents, Yildiz says, were her inspiration for appreciating "the importance of education and hard work." But they never wanted to teach her math at home — instead expecting her to go figure out, for herself, whatever she needed to know. This, Yildiz says, was perhaps one of the most important things she learned from her parents — a lesson that has helped her greatly in her career.More

Hyundai delivers first hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to U.K. customers
Autocar Professional
The first ix35 fuel cell customer vehicles have been delivered in the U.K., continuing Hyundai's global roll-out of the world's first series-production hydrogen-fuelled car. Hyundai is the first car manufacturer to supply these zero-emission vehicles to paying customers in the U.K., paving the way for growth of the clean technology, having led its research and development since 1998. The arrival of ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles comes just days after Business Minister Matthew Hancock announced $11 million of U.K. government and industry funding to support hydrogen transport.More

Business Connexion working on hydrogen fuel cells for your home
South African tech firm Business Connexion is working on an ambitious plan to produce hydrogen fuel cells for domestic use, which it says may be ready for market within two years. The project is the work of chief technology officer Andy Brauer, who has been working on it since 2009. Brauer says that the inspiration for his work, and the reason it won the blessing of the board, was the search to a solution for its own business ventures throughout Africa.More

Mercedes betting big on EV and hydrogen power-trains
Motor Trend
Mercedes-Benz has slowly overhauled its power-train line-up in recent years, but bigger changes are on the way. The automaker has already downsized much of its six- and eight-cylinder engines, and now it has its eyes on more hybrid, electric, and hydrogen offerings. In the near term, expect Mercedes-Benz to increase its hybrid offerings. More