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Sep. 26, 2013

Digital competencies and training modules for non-IT professionals — Join our working group today!
In the course of their careers, few workers have the chance to stay abreast of new technology and the role it plays in creating strategic advantage or challenges. You can help design training to be used by professionals and mid-level managers as they are prepared for roles of greater responsibility — you too can benefit from the training developed. This training will enhance the capacity of all industries to embrace innovative technologies and boost the productivity factor in Ontario.More

Participate in survey #2 to help boost Ontario's productivity and performance by training non-IT professionals in new and emerging I.T. technologies
CIPS and ICTC kindly ask for you participation in a survey to help boost Ontario's productivity and performance by training non-IT professionals in new and emerging I.T. technologies. Thank you for your participation and contribution! More

Dr. Larry Symes passes away
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Symes. Symes was one of the founders of CIPS Saskatchewan and computer science program in the province. He was CIPS President from 1979-1980, a CIPS Fellow, past Chair of CSAC, and was always a great advocate for CIPS.More

IT does not know ethics
IT World Canada
It is important that IT professionals put more focus on ethics because the business world is finally understanding how much trust and power they give us to run their IT infrastructure Sometimes the best way to define something is to say what it is NOT. In a study, the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics found that business people have a number of misconceptions about ethics. More

CIPS SK Oct. 9th Regina event: 'A look at the importance of the Service Lifecycle'
Presenter: Dwight Kayto PMP, ITSM Fellow
Title: A look at the importance of the Service Lifecycle
Date: Wednesday, Oct. 9th, 2013
Venue: Delta Regina, 1919 Saskatchewan Dr, Tuscany Room More

GTEC - Canada's Government Technology Event (Oct. 7-10) — CIPS members receive registration discounts!
CIPS members receive registration discounts! $100 off Standard Conference pass, and $100 off Next Generation CIO program. Use the promo code CIPS2013 when registering at More

iTech 2013: Vancouver, Oct. 10th
The 2013 iTech IT Infrastructure conference is being held in Vancouver, on October 10, 2013 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Opening Keynote: Chris Pratt will present 'The Future of Computing Technology: Today's Data Centre Will Not Be Able To Keep Up!'

Closing Keynote: David Chalk will present 'The New Crisis of Cyber Warfare, the threat to critical infrastructure and cyber-preparedness strategies.' More

Featured I.T. Jobs
Database Administrator, Peterborough, Ontario

Team Lead/Senior Developer, Burnaby, British Columbia

Business Process Improvement Leader, Regina, Saskatchewan

MIS Application Architect, Vancouver, British Columbia

Systems Analyst I (Business Intelligence), Edmonton, Alberta

Analyst, IT Security, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Systems Analyst, PeopleSoft and Infosilem, Edmonton, Alberta

Software Developer, Calgary, Alberta

Manager, I&IT Program Management, Ontario

See more Job Postings and Upload your Resume at: More

How to make IT professionals more effective and happy in their jobs
Job satisfaction is a mysterious thing. Whether someone is satisfied or dissatisfied in their work rarely comes down to one single factor but rather the culmination of many elements, which makes the metric difficult for employers to address. More

16 IT skills in high demand in 2013
What IT skills are the hottest with employers and what forces are driving those career trends? We examined Foote Partners recently released quarterly IT Skills and Certifications Pay index and we spoke with industry experts to find out. More

ICT employment and GDP increase in 2013 Q2
Now available! ICTC's 2013 Q2 Quarterly Monitor of Canada's Digital Economy. 3,000 new ICT jobs were created in 2013 Q2, increasing the employment level in ICT occupations to 805,000. More

Internet Explorer 11 arriving: Browser is not over yet
IT World Canada
When Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) for Windows 7, end-users no longer using it might ask why it should bother. Microsoft still has the majority market share worldwide, but then again, which browser is dominating depends on which stats are being cited. More

CIPS INTERVIEWS: Terry Coatta, globally acclaimed entrepreneur, executive, platform software architect and developer
Terry is currently CTO for Marine Learning Systems. Marine Learning Systems is an eLearning software and services provider to the maritime and resource industry. Marine Learning Systems also provides a full complement of services to support you from idea all the way through to ongoing operations and maintenance. More

Featured Whitepaper: CI as a strategic driver of IT business value
With the implementation of Converged Infrastructure (CI), organizations can streamline the management of infrastructure and achieve enhanced performance, improved business continuity, and reduce risk and the total cost of infrastructure ownership by 25 per cent. More