Canadian Information Processing Society
Dec. 25, 2014

20. IT career planning: Time, talent and treasury
IT World Canada
From Jan. 16, 2014: As the Christmas season ends along with another year, this seems to be a perfect time to refocus our time, talent and treasury. Thinking specifically of our IT professional career, with time slipping quickly and limited treasury, planning to develop our talents requires careful thought.More

19. Help CIPS Support Professionalism and Ethics in I.T.
From June 26, 2014: In the wake of HeartBleed and the numerous recent privacy breaches that have created growing concerns, the need for professionalism and ethics in IT has never been higher. We live in a highly connected world where technology has become the central nervous system of our modern society.More

18. CIPS Webcast: Chris Pratt — 'Emerging Technologies — trends and predictions'
From Oct. 23, 2014: Mr. Chris Pratt has national responsibility for managing IBM Canada's activities in the strategic areas of High Performance Computing, Virtualization, Smarter Computing and other emerging technologies. During his 30 year tenure with IBM Mr. Pratt has been involved in numerous areas of information technology strategy and deployment.More

17. Yes, it's a bad year for breaches
IT World Canada
From Oct. 2, 2014: It not only feels like 2014 is a terrible year for data security, it is, at least in the U.S., where the Identity Theft Resource Center keeps track. The centre's most recent count shows there have been 568 breaches for far this year in the United States, exposing over 75 million pieces of private information.More

16. Fighting back: Is the time for defensive IT security policy over?
IT World Canada
From Sept. 25, 2014: Is it time to move away from defence-based protection of our data and IT systems and fight back against those who would use computers to compromise power, water, communication and transportation infrastructure? It is becoming increasingly clear that there are two distinct camps when it comes to how best address the growing cyber threats we face daily: the defenders are committed to putting up strong barriers and frustrating the attackers' attempts to gain entry.More

15. CIPS Webcast: Tim McCreight - 'Moving to the Cloud — but everyone else is!' (Member-Only Content)
From June 12, 2014: Mr. Tim McCreight, CISSP CPP CISA has over 30 years' experience in physical, IT operations and IT security environments. Mr. McCreight held senior security roles in three of Canada's telecommunication companies, and is the former Chief Information Security Officer for the Government of Alberta.More

14. Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for IT Professionals
CIPS via Microsoft TechNet
From April 3, 2014: Cloud adoption is a greatly discussed topic, particularly in regards to its capability and scalability. The enablement offered through proper adoption of cloud technology provide further customer reach and/or greater informational depth internally. More

13. CIPS Webcast: Richard Baker: 'Advanced Information Security Defense Techniques and Approaches' (Member-Only Content)
From June 19, 2014: We live in a world consumed and bombarded with constant news of Advance Persistent Threats, modern malware and insider threats. Our presentation focuses on the variety of techniques, approaches and solutions administrators and security analysts can use to keep their networks and systems secure. More

12. What you need to know about Canada's new Anti-Spam Law (CASL)
Bennet Jones
From Feb. 13, 2014: Canada's Anti-Spam Law (CASL) imposes substantial liability and regulatory obligations on those who send commercial electronic messages. Here are some important things you need to know about this new legislation. More

11. Call for input: CIPS draft response to Bill C-13 (Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act)
From Jan. 23, 2014: The CIPS Advocacy Committee has prepared a draft CIPS position on Bill C-13. An Act to amend the Criminal Code, the Canada Evidence Act, the Competition Act and the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act.More