COA Dispatch
Jan. 20, 2015

Residents! Submit your CORA Abstracts!
Residents are encouraged to submit an abstract for presentation at the 2015 CORA Annual Meeting being held in Vancouver on Wednesday, June 17. Abstracts are being accepted until January 30. Click here to review the submission guidelines. More

Oyez résidents! Soumettez vos précis pour la Réunion annuelle de l'ACRO!
Les résidents sont invités à soumettre des précis en prévision de la Réunion annuelle de l'Association canadienne des résidents en orthopédie (ACRO) à Vancouver, le mercredi 17 juin 2015. Les précis sont acceptés jusqu'au 30 janvier. Cliquez ici pour consulter les lignes directrices pour la soumission des précis.More

Move Breathe Namaste: Yoga Fundraiser to benefit The Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation
Join us for a full day of chakra and yoga exploration!

• OTTAWA - Saturday, Jan. 31, Ottawa Police Association Lounge, 141 Catherine St, Ottawa, ON
• CALGARY - Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015, Parkdale Community Centre, 3512 5th Ave NW, Calgary, AB
• WATERLOO - Saturday Feb. 21, Rim Park, 2100 University Ave, Waterloo, ON

As we bend and breathe through a whole day series of chakra focused yoga classes; we will bridge the connection between yoga and orthopaedic health.

Full-day participation costs $50 and includes seven 45-minute classes. Or if time is limited, participate in only 2 classes for $20, with an option to add on additional classes at $10 each. The day's events will include free speaker presentations, a silent auction table, prizes for top fundraisers, and an option to purchase lunch. All yoga levels and abilities welcome! Register today at More

Bougez, respirez, namasté: Séance de yoga au profit de la Fondation Canadienne d'Orthopédie
Soyez des nôtres pour une journée complète de yoga et d'exploration de vos chakras!

• OTTAWA - Le samedi 31 janvier 2015, Russell's Lounge, Association des policiers d'Ottawa, 141, rue Catherine, Ottawa (Ontario)
• CALGARY - Le samedi 14 février 2015, centre communautaire Parkdale, 3512 5th Avenue NW, Calgary (Alberta)
• WATERLOO - Le samedi 21 février 2015, Rim Park, 2100, avenue University, Waterloo (Ontario) Chaque mouvement et respiration au programme seront centrés sur vos chakras et nous permettront de jeter un pont entre yoga et santé orthopédique.

Les droits d'inscription sont de 50 $ pour toute la journée et comprennent 7 séances de 45 minutes. Si vous avez peu de temps, inscrivez-vous à 2 séances pour 20 $; vous pouvez ensuite payer 10 $ la séance supplémentaire. Parmi les activités au programme, mentionnons des conférences gratuites, une vente aux enchères silencieuse, une remise de prix aux meilleurs collecteurs de fonds et la possibilité d'acheter son lunch sur place.

Tout le monde est le bienvenu, des novices aux experts! Inscrivez-vous dès aujourd'hui, à More

Conferences of Interest / Congrès d'intérêt

The Royal College of Surgeons of England is hosting two courses in London in May. So You Want to be an Orthopaedic Surgeon? Will be held on May 5th at the RCS London. The course provides a balanced view of the benefits and disadvantages of a career in orthopaedic surgery and a realistic perspective on the future for the specialty. As the course is aimed at both medical students considering career choices and trainees already in training, it provides advice on what is involved in being a prospective orthopaedic surgeon. Link to more information/registration:

On May 6th, the Clinical Skills for Examining Orthopaedic Patients course will also be held at the RCS London. Following the successful careers advice days held over the last few years for trainees and medical students considering a career in orthopaedics, this course complements the 'So you want to be an Orthopaedic Surgeon' with a number of interactive workshops on clinical examination skills. The workshops, which are intended for both medical students and F1/F2 trainees, will consist of dealing with orthopaedic history taking and clinical examinations. Link to more information/registration:

Contact RCS Education for more information about both events:

Conference aims to inspire future generation of doctors and researchers
Montreal Gazette
Sure, science may be the focus of Saturday's conference at McGill Universit's faculty of medicine targeting high school and CEGEP students who are driven to pursue careers in medicine or medical research.More

Saskatoon ERs for true emergencies only, says health region
CBC News
The Saskatoon Health Region is urging people to only use hospital emergency rooms in true emergencies. Officials say hospitals in the region have seen an increase in emergency room visits over the past year. More

Wrist surgery tops list of surgical wait times in Nova Scotia
CBC News

Wait times for hip and knee surgeries in Nova Scotia were singled out by the provincial auditor general in his report, but there are worse numbers where those came from.

Health researchers digging into own pockets to bridge gap in funding
The Globe and Mail
Later this month, Toronto's University Health Network is planning to enroll a dozen patients with arthritis-wracked knees in a clinical trial of a stem-cell treatment that researchers hope could one day make artificial joint replacements obsolete.More

Levée de boucliers contre l'idée de fermer des hôpitaux au N.-B.
Des voix s'élèvent au Nouveau-Brunswick pour défendre de petits hôpitaux que le gouvernement pourrait fermer afin d'économiser. Pour lutter contre le déficit budgétaire, le ministre de la Santé Victor Boudreau n'exclut pas la possibilité de fermer ou de changer la vocation de petits hôpitaux comme ceux de Grand-Sault et de Caraquet.More

Québec exhorté à s'ajuster aux normes antitabac de l'OMS
La Presse
Le gouvernement doit modifier la loi antitabac en fonction d'un traité international dont Philippe Couillard, alors ministre de la Santé, avait personnellement fait la promotion, certifie un avis juridique transmis à tous les élus de l'Assemblée nationale.More

New technologies put the patient first
Fox News
Health apps and virtual doctor visits are gaining popularity around the globe. Some say it is the future of medicine, but Dr. Eric Topol, author of "The Patient Will See You Now," says this new era goes far beyond flashy phones and gadgets, and that the future of medicine is really in your hands.More

Research finds potassium salts aid bone health and limit osteoporosis risk
Medical News Today
Latest research from the University of Surrey has found that the potassium salts (bicarbonate and citrate) plentiful in fruit and vegetables, play an important part in improving bone health. For the first time, the results also showed that these potassium salts reduce bone resorption, the process by which bone is broken down, therefore increasing their strength. More