COA Dispatch
Apr. 28, 2015

Research Symposium & Macnab Lecturer — Incorporating Patient-specific Factors in Orthopaedic Surgery

We are pleased to welcome Professor Rob Nelissen from The Netherlands as this year's Macnab Lecturer. Prof Nelissen will speak on Implant Innovation and Quality Assessment during the CORS Symposium being held on Thursday, June 18 at 15:00 during the upcoming COA and CORS Annual Meeting in Vancouver. Moderated by CORS President, Dr. Michael Dunbar, and Program Chair, Dr. Janie Wilson, the symposium will explore the evolution of patient-specific approaches to orthopaedic surgery, capture and discuss current clinical and research approaches to patient-specific factors, and compare/contrast the use and evolution of patient-specific approaches in different orthopaedic specializations. All members are encouraged to attend. See the full list of the CORS Symposium speakers by clicking on the 'Program' button at

Symposium et Conférence Macnab — Inclusion de facteurs propres au patient dans la chirurgie orthopédique

Nous avons le plaisir d'accueillir le Pr Rob Nelissen, des Pays-Bas, à titre de conférencier Macnab. Pendant le Symposium de la SROC, qui aura lieu le jeudi 18 juin, à 15 h, dans le cadre de la Réunion annuelle de l'ACO et de la SROC à Vancouver, le Pr Nelissen prononcera une allocution intitulée Les prothèses : Innovation et évaluation de la qualité. Animé par le Dr Michael Dunbar, président de la SROC, et la Dre Janie Wilson, présidente du Comité responsable du programme, le Symposium abordera l'évolution des approches propres au patient dans la chirurgie orthopédique; on y recensera les approches cliniques et de recherche actuelles par rapport aux facteurs propres au patient et on en discutera, en plus de comparer l'utilisation et l'évolution des approches propres au patient dans différentes spécialités orthopédiques. On invite tous les membres de l'ACO à y assister. Pour consulter la liste complète des conférenciers participant au Symposium de la SROC, rendez-vous à, puis cliquez sur le bouton « Programme ».More

Follow Along the ABC Fellowship Tour

Drs. Kishore Mulpuri and Rajiv Gandhi are currently on the 2015 ABC Travelling Fellowship tour which began last week in the United Kingdom. Drs. Mulpuri and Gandhi were selected by the COA's Exchange Fellowship Committee as the two Canadian fellows joining five US colleagues selected by the American Orthopaedic Association for the 2015 tour. Follow their adventures abroad by reading their tour blog updated regularly at: A summary of their tour will be included in the Fall edition of the COA Bulletin.More

Last Chance for Free Membership Contest!

The opportunity to have your 2015 COA membership dues reimbursed ends this week! Active members — pay your 2015 invoice by May 1 to be eligible for one of the two complimentary memberships we are offering this year. Winners will be selected by random draw and announced in the May 12 edition of the COA Dispatch.

If you need assistance paying your dues, or have any questions about your COA Membership, please contact Cynthia Vezina: or 514 874-9003 x 3. More

Dernière chance pour le tirage des cotisations gratuites!

Il vous reste moins d'une semaine pour vous assurer d'être admissible au tirage du remboursement de deux cotisations annuelles à l'ACO! Les membres actifs qui auront payé leur cotisation de 2015 d'ici le 1er mai courent effectivement la chance de gagner l'une des deux cotisations gratuites offertes par l'ACO cette année. Les gagnants seront choisis au hasard, et leur nom sera annoncé dans la Dépêche de l'ACO du 12 mai.

Si vous avez besoin d'aide pour le paiement de votre cotisation, ou encore si vous avez des questions sur l'adhésion à l'ACO, veuillez communiquer avec Cynthia Vezina, à ou au 514-874-9003, poste 3.

Ontario hospitals facing difficult decisions
Exchange Magazine
Ontario hospitals are facing increasingly difficult decisions in 2015/16 and 2016/17 as they continue to absorb financial and service pressures after three years without a base funding increase, the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) said in response to the provincial Budget. Ontario's hospitals routinely operate at 90 per cent capacity or higher and already have the fewest beds per thousand among all of Canada's provinces. More

Nova Scotia's waiting list lags for hips, knees
The Chronicle Herald
Orthopedic patients in Nova Scotia have some of the longest wait times for surgery in the country. Despite increased demand for certain procedures, wait times across Canada have been stable for five years, says a report released by the Canadian Institute for Health Information. But Nova Scotia's numbers suggest orthopedic specialists have struggled to keep up with the rising need for surgeries.More

Investigation of equipment sterilization issues at Halifax hospitals continues
Global News
More than 300 patients have had their surgeries postponed at a Halifax hospital since Monday as issues persist with equipment sterilization. Karen Mumford, the senior director of the QEII Health Sciences Centre, said Thursday that little is known so far about where and how small flecks of black debris are making their way onto sterilized trays and containers at the Halifax Infirmary.More

Exercise 'boot camp' offers non-surgical treatment for spinal stenosis
CTV News
A Toronto-based doctor has created a series of targeted exercises aimed at improving the quality of life for patients suffering from spinal stenosis, a painful condition affecting parts of the spine. The exercises offer patients a non-surgical treatment option. Spinal stenosis is the abnormal narrowing of various regions of the spinal canal. This narrowing puts pressure on the nerves, which can result in painful symptoms.More

Report: Most provinces close to targets for surgical wait times
CTV News
A new report says wait times for key surgeries have held stable for the past five years, even though there have been substantial increases in the number of surgeries being done in some cases. But the relatively rosy national picture obscures the fact that in some parts of the country, patients wait far longer than recommended for hip and knee replacements and cataract surgeries. British Columbia and Nova Scotia in particular fared poorly in the assessment, when compared to other provinces.More

Complaints over excessive doctor fees jumped four-fold since 2010
Montreal Gazette
The number of Quebecers filing complaints about excessive fees charged by doctors in private practice has soared by 374 per cent during the past five years, according to newly released figures by the Quebec College of Physicians. In some cases, ophthalmologists have charged hundreds of dollars for eye drops that should cost as little as $20. Increasingly, physicians who perform vasectomies outside of hospital are invoicing patients "accessory" fees that are not permitted under the law.More

Joint-replacement waits among worst in Canada
Winnipeg Free Press
Manitoba's health system still lags behind much of the country in conducting timely hip and knee replacements, although its performance is improving. The Canadian Institute for Health Information released its annual report Tuesday on how well the provinces are meeting performance targets for five key medical procedures. Manitoba's results were a mixed bag.More

Sudbury : un passage cauchemardesque à l'hôpital
À Sudbury, la proprété de l'hôpital Horizon Santé-Nord est remise en question par un patient. Ronald Romanko devait subir une simple opération de routine. Mais son passage à l'hôpital s'est transformé en véritable calvaire, avec des urgences débordées, des chambres sales et une infection par une bactérie résistante aux antibiotiques.More

Wildrose pledges wait time guarantee for five key procedures in Alberta
Edmonton Journal
The Wildrose party Monday pledged waiting time guarantees for five key health procedures mired in long delays. If a Wildrose government fails to meet its own targets, Albertans can go to a private clinic or out of province for the procedures and be reimbursed by the public system, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said at a news conference outside the Grey Nuns Hospital in Edmonton. "Equal access to a waiting list is not equal access to health care," he said.More