COA Dispatch
Jun. 7, 2013

Researchers: Routine hospital operations producing more waste than a family of four in a week
Operations to replace worn out knees in Canada are generating nearly half a million kilograms of surgical waste every year, according to a new study that says more needs to be done to "green" the nation's ORs. After conducting a waste audit of five knee replacements performed by a single surgeon in February 2010, researchers from Western University in London, ON, found that the average surgical waste per surgery was 13.3 kilograms.More

EOS imaging: Une nouvelle étude met en évidence l'excellente précision des mesures du système EOS avec une très faible dose de radiation
BFM Business
EOS imaging, le pionnier de l'imagerie médicale orthopédique 2D/3D, annonce la présentation d'une nouvelle étude qui atteste de la supériorité de la précision des mesures obtenues avec le système EOS par rapport à la radiologie conventionnelle ou au scanner. Cette étude a été présentée lors de la réunion annuelle de la Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America qui s'est tenue à Toronto (Canada) du 1er au 4 mai dernier. More

Wait time and primary care reforms stalled
CBC News
Shortening wait times for hip and knee replacements, increasing electronic health records and starting a national pharmacare strategy are stalled, according to a new progress report. "Regardless of where you live in Canada, Canadians should be able to access a primary care provider when care is needed, they should have timely access to surgeries, and the cost of medications should not cause undue financial hardship," Dr. Jack Kitts, chair of the Health Council of Canada, said in a release.More

Money a major obstacle to improving surgery waits
The Daily Kamloops News
A Health Council of Canada progress report released recently showing longer surgical wait lists reaffirms that the system needs to do better, Interior Health's medical director for surgery said. Dr. Andy Hamilton said the health authority is working on patient flow, finding efficiencies and managing surgical wait lists. Without more money, it's a difficult goal to achieve.More

B.C. residents healthiest in Canada, despite the province spending less on medical care
The Vancouver Sun
British Columbians can take pride in being the Swedes of Canada, boasting the best lifestyle habits and health status in the country. That's one of the findings of a Conference Board of Canada report titled Paving the Road to Higher Performance: Benchmarking Provincial Health Systems. The report accords B.C. an A grade, "on the strength of having the healthiest population in Canada." More