COA Dispatch
Aug. 19, 2014

Is your COA membership in good standing?
If you have not yet paid your 2014-2015 COA membership dues, your membership is unfortunately considered not in good standing. Your outstanding dues should be paid as soon as possible to ensure that your account and status are current with the Association. You may contact Cynthia Vezina: if you would like to verify that your dues are paid to date, or login to your profile on the COA web site: with your email address and password. More

Êtes-vous membre en bonne et due forme de l'ACO?
Si vous n'avez pas encore payé votre cotisation 2014-2015 à l'ACO, vous n'êtes malheureusement plus membre en bonne et due forme. Vous devez donc régler toute facture en souffrance dès que possible pour vous assurer que votre dossier est à jour. Pour vérifier si vous avez bien payé votre cotisation, veuillez communiquer avec Cynthia Vezina, à, ou accéder à votre profil sur le site Web de l'ACO, à, à l'aide de vos courriel et mot de passe.More

The COA is hiring — Manager, Development and Advocacy
The COA head office is seeking a Manager, Development and Advocacy. If you know a qualified, driven individual who is the right fit for the position, please direct them to our listing posted here.More

Update in Joint Reconstruction Surgery Symposium
Cleveland Clinic Florida in collaboration with the CORE Institute is pleased to announce that the Update in Joint Reconstruction Surgery Symposium will take place October 3 – 5, 2014 at the Marriott Harbor Beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This symposium is a unique opportunity to listen to some of the best orthopaedic physicians from Cleveland Clinic and the CORE Institute as well as a few other invited faculty. This symposium offers attendees the opportunity to bring cases with them and ask faculty about similar experiences and recommendations. Please review the course info sheet and visit for more details.More

Study: 1 out of 5 adult orthopaedic trauma patients sought additional providers for narcotic prescriptions
Digital Journal
"Doctor shopping," the growing practice of obtaining narcotic prescriptions from multiple providers, has led to measurable increases in drug use among postoperative trauma patients. The study, "Narcotic Use and Postoperative Doctor Shopping in the Orthopaedic Trauma Population," appearing in the August issue of the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (JBJS), links doctor shopping to higher narcotic use among orthopaedic patients. More

The Scarborough Hospital begins strategic planning process
Inside Toronto
The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) has recently started a planning process to respond to growing challenges it faces. Among these challenges are a static budget from the provincial government and projected needs among the community. The strategic planning process, dubbed "Forward Together — Building a Healthier Scarborough" will involve a series of consultations with hospital stakeholders. More

Les Canadiens de 45 ans et plus s'inquiètent du risque de dégradation de la qualité des soins de santé au pays
Journal de Québec
La majorité des Canadiens âgés de 45 ans et plus se disent préoccupés par la qualité des soins de santé qu'ils s'attendent à recevoir dans les années à venir, selon un sondage Ipsos Reid commandé par l'Association médicale canadienne (AMC) dans le cadre de son rapport annuel. D'après les résultats de cette enquête d'opinion menée entre le 17 et le 24 juillet, 95 pour cent des personnes interrogées estiment que le Canada doit mettre en place une stratégie nationale en matière de soins de santé pour les aînés.More

Ex-employees: Canada does not have containment beds other countries use to transport Ebola patients because Health Canada got rid of them
National Post
They have become a dramatic fixture of the fight against Ebola: Special gurneys inside disease-containment pods for patients with dangerous infections, like the two sick Americans and one Spaniard flown out of west Africa recently. As it guards against the deadly virus being imported here, this country appears to have none of those "isolators," but that was not always the case, say two ex-federal government employees.More

City doctor honoured for efforts to improve health-care ethics
Calgary Herald
Calgary's Juliet Guichon and Dr. Eric Wasylenko were among the handful of recipients recognized with an award from the Canadian Medical Association. Wasylenko, awarded for his work in medical ethics, talks to Herald health reporter Jamie Komarnicki about pressing issues in palliative care and a new challenge addressing health-care ethics in Canada's prison population. This interview has been edited and condensed.More

Bone tumour removed without invasive surgery
Cambridge Times
Doctors at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto have removed a benign tumour from a 16-year-old boy's leg bone using a cutting-edge heat procedure that does away with any form of invasive surgery. Jack Campanile of Brampton, ON, is believed to be the first pediatric patient in North America to be treated using high-intensity focused ultrasound, or HIFU, to destroy the tumour, called an osteoid osteoma. More

How Canada's Ebola outbreak prep has 'led the world'
Huffington Post
The deadly Ebola virus continues to claim lives in West Africa, but the risk of it spreading to the Canada public remains low, health experts say — and even if a case emerged here, the country is well prepared to deal with any potential outbreak. "I'm not concerned. I already know that Canada is prepared," said Jason Tetro, a microbiologist and author of The Germ Code, who recently penned the blog entry Canada, Don't Worry About Ebola in the Huffington Post.More