COA Dispatch
Oct. 3, 2013

Canadian health care is far from universal
Ottawa Citizen
Here's a disturbing reality. Health care in Canada isn't as good as you think it is. How much you pay for the drugs you need depends on where you live. You'll wait a lot longer for a knee replacement or cataract surgery if you live in some provinces than in others. The same goes for getting a doctor's appointment.More

B.C. First Nation poised to build luxury private hospital to serve medical tourists and wealthy Canadians
National Post
A Kelowna, B.C., First Nation is poised to build a 100-bed luxury private hospital serving medical tourists and the wealthy, becoming the first Canadian band to seek profit in private health care. The chief of the Westbank First Nation wouldn't comment on the proposed facility until the deal is ready to move forward.More

The Canadian medical profession is facing major upheaval
The Globe and Mail
I don't think there's ever been a greater time for our profession to shine than right now, Louis Francescutti, the new president of the Canadian Medical Association, said at the outset of his inaugural address at the 146th annual meeting of the CMA. There are 78,000 doctors in Canada; that is more than there ever has been, in raw numbers and per capita. Physician income has climbed steadily in recent years; in some parts of the profession, gross income is up 30 per cent over the past decade.More

Medical attention has its benefits overseas
The Vancouver Sun
There's an old travellers' adage that says, "When you get sick overseas, get on the first plane out and fly home for quality health care." Those days are long gone. Based on my own experiences — and those of the many Europeans and travellers I've met — it seems that if you're travelling in Europe and need medical help, you're generally in capable hands.More

L'équilibre budgétaire pour 2013-2014, assure le ministre Marceau
Le déficit zéro au Québec sera atteint en 2013-2014, affirme le ministre des Finances de la province, Nicolas Marceau, qui soutient qu'il s'agit « d'un engagement ferme ». Il corrige ainsi le tir à la suite de déclarations de la première ministre Pauline Marois concernant la révision possible de l'échéance pour l'atteinte de l'équilibre budgétaire.More