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Jan. 22, 2015

CBAA releases business aviation in Canada study
Here is a copy of CBAA's Business Aviation Economic Impact Study in Canada, a report that clearly shows the size and importance of business aviation to Canada, providing both a description of how businesses use their aircraft to their advantage, and also the dollar value in contribution to the Canadian economy.

Highlights from the report reveal that Canadian business aviation:

You are encouraged to use this report to educate policy-makers, businesses and your community to show them that business aviation matters to everyone. More

Special admission rate to Sun n' Fun
COPA Members Save $5 to $30 on the price of admission to Sun n' Fun 2015.

All members must be prepared to show proof of current membership (current membership card) when redeeming an online ticket or when purchasing admission at any onsite ticket sales location. Members are permitted to bring one guest at the daily or weekly member rate.

For details click here.

Call Cathy at COPA's office for the Sun n' Fun promo code, (613) 236-4901 ext. 100. More

Yukon government pledges to re-open Whitehorse runway 19
CBC News
The Yukon government has pledged to re­open Runway 19 at the Whitehorse airport after local pilots opposed the closure, calling it an important safety issue.

Wade Istchenko, then-minister of Highways and Public Works, made the announcement at a meeting with Yukon pilots from the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association on Jan. 15More

Calling all frugal pilots: What are your secrets?
General Aviation News
Frugal pilots aren't cheap or unsafe. Their buying and flying decisions are based on getting the greatest value for each aviation dollar spent, not on squeezing every dollar until Washington yelps. Frugal pilots aren't poor. They may or may not be financially rich, but they do know the significance of money and that a dollar saved wisely can be a dollar spent on more avgas or iPhones or retirement. Frugal pilots aren't alone.More

Preparing for a flight to the top of the world
The Free Lance-Star
The engaging saga of Bill Harrelson's solo flight around the poles continued to Tahiti and beyond, recently finding him safely in Honolulu and poised for what could be the greatest challenge of all: crossing the Arctic in the winter darkness. After circling the South Pole on New Year's Eve, the Stafford County, Virginia, pilot was finally able to leave Punta Arenas, Chile. Laden with fuel in his specially equipped Lancair IV, Harrelson, a retired airline pilot, made it all the way to Tahiti. More

In a fight between a pilot and aircraft, sometimes the plane wins
Popular Science
When Mike Adams called from the X-15 that he was in a spin, no one listening on the ground could believe it. The rocket-powered airplane was traveling around four times the speed of sound in the thin upper atmosphere. How could it be spinning? His wife and mother, both at Edwards that day, were quietly led out of the viewing area adjacent to the control room while ground crews tried to figure out what was going on.More

Spirit of St. Louis descends to floor for upkeep
The Associated Press via Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis, one of the most treasured aircraft at the National Air and Space Museum, has been lowered to the floor for its first conservation treatment in 22 years. For decades the single-engine aircraft has been suspended from the ceiling and seen from afar. Recently it was carefully lowered to the floor. Now visitors are getting a close look at the historic plane and can better imagine what it must have been like to fly.More

A test pilot spins
According to authors Tom Wallis and Rick Durden: It's been my good fortune to work and socialize with a number of test pilots during my career. There has been a lot of publicity and hype about test pilots ever since the Montgolfier brothers made the first flight of an aircraft in 1783 — some of it has even been true. My own perspective is that the very good test pilots tend to be quiet to the point of reticence until they get to know you, have the ability to split a second into more parts than the rest of us — which may explain their quickness of reaction and thought, and have a certain level of confidence in their abilities that comes from having the cockiness of youth knocked out of them by aircraft that made serious attempts to kill them. More

Thrush 510G receives EASA Certification
Crop dusters and firefighter pilots in Europe now have a new airplane option as Thrush Aircraft Company has received the sign off from the European Aviation Safety Agency for its Thrush 510G. With a price tag of around $900,000, the turboprop single received FAA certification in 2012 and has also been approved in Canada, Argentina and Brazil. The airplane is powered by the GE Aviation H80 turboshaft engine, which produces 800 horsepower.More