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Feb. 12, 2015

In search for new COPA president and CEO
The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association will begin accepting applications for the president and CEO position. COPA President Kevin Psutka is retiring after 18 years of service. With a confirmed retirement date at the end of February, Mr. Psutka will then join the Air Line Pilots Association as a safety and security representative.

While the COPA board of directors was hopeful that timing would allow for the recruiting of a replacement and subsequent transition, this is no longer achievable.

During the interim period, Board Chair Trekker Armstrong has assumed the post of executive chairman while Director Jean Messier has taken on the role of interim president.

The board of directors encourages the membership to review the job posting on COPA's website and encourage qualified candidates to consider applying. Your extended network as members may prove to be an invaluable source of applicants.

A comprehensive job description, inclusive core and desirable qualifications, may be found at Interested individuals may apply in confidence for the position through the online recruiting website at or forward their application via e-mail to The deadline for submitting applications is Thursday, March 26, 2015. More

Non payment of Nav Canada service charges
Nav Canada invoices and collects charges to cover the costs of air navigation services provided or made available by the Corporation, in accordance with the Civil Air Navigation Services Commercialization Act. Charges are structured in such a way that all customers pay for air navigation services, in a reasonable and equitable manner.

Since implementation of the Nav Canada charges for small aircraft in 1999, the number of owners who are not paying their Nav Canada invoices has increased every year. Given that Nav Canada does not make a profit but sets its charges at a level to allow it to recover its costs, it is important that charges are paid in a timely manner.

In order to ensure fairness and equity amongst its entire customer base, Nav Canada is taking action to recover these outstanding charges. The company has retained a collection agency, CTL-WDW Ltd., to pursue outstanding debts.

All customers with a past due balance will shortly be receiving a Notice of Collections letter from Nav Canada, giving them 30 days to contact the Corporation and pay, or initiate resolution of their past due amount. Inaction, refusal to resolve or pay the past due amounts will result in the account being listed with CTL-WDW for collection action. CTL-WDW will report non-paying/non-acting accounts to a credit bureau that may negatively affect customers' credit ratings.

Nav Canada continues to modernize its operations to improve service delivery and control costs, and as a result, has not raised its rates in over a decade. In order to keep these rates as low as possible, it is important that all customers pay their invoices. All of Nav Canada's charges, including the annual fees, were developed, approved and implemented in accordance with the requirements of the ANS Act. Payment of the charges by aircraft owners and operators is a legal obligation.

Further details can be found in the Customer Guide to Charges at within the Service Charges section More

The sky's no limit — Girls fly too!
Join us on March 7-8, 2015, at the Abbotsford International Airport in British Columbia as we again make world history at the largest single outreach event of its kind. Over 10,000 girls and women from communities around the Lower Mainland, B.C. and beyond are expected.

Our annual events in honor of Women of Aviation Worldwide Week and International Women's Day change lives. Girls and women of all ages gather from far and wide at a selected airport for a truly unique mission of discovery. Our events are fun, hands on and completely free to ensure no barriers to participation.

One of the unique attractions at our events are the free flights for female first-time fliers. The first flight experience is so incredibly amazing that we just have to share it! It's often the catalyst that is needed to inspire interest in aviation and aerospace, whether as a pilot, air traffic controller, aircraft mechanic or aeronautical engineer. Opportunities are endless. More

Aviation Hall of Fame gala dinner venue changed
Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame
Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame (CAHF) will induct four new members at its 42nd annual gala dinner and ceremony to be held Thursday, June 4, 2015. The gala dinner was to be held at the Ontario Science Centre, in Toronto. It has been changed and it is now confirmed that it will be held at the Skyservice Business Aviation Hangar, in Toronto.

The new members are:

For ticket information contact: Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame; Tel.: (780) 361-1351, ext. 278; email: or visit More

Important message for all pilots
By Patrick Gilligan, COPA vice president of operations
COPA needs all pilots to complete a Cross Border survey. Your opinion counts so we need strong participation. Last year, I alerted members to the development of an additional procedure being developed by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) for crossing the Canada/U.S. border. The survey will provide statistical feedback to Canadian and U.S. officials to find a solution that both addresses their goals and minimizes duplication. COPA is heavily involved in finding creative solutions to minimize the detrimental consequences that any additional requirements will have on our sector of aviation. Please take a few moments and complete the following survey:


The new avgas
Aviation Pros
Looking back 25 years, no one would have thought there would be a problem with having enough avgas to fly general aviation aircraft. Now there are price issues and environmental concerns. There have been a couple of significant events regarding avgas recently. First, a major player has announced its unleaded 100+ octane avgas, and the second, the federal government has set aside money for testing candidate fuels and published a very detailed roadmap of the steps for testing fuels from the companies developing candidate fuels. More

Neil Armstrong souvenirs revealed
For one of the most famous people in the world, the first man on the moon was notoriously private and one of Neil Armstrong's little secrets is now in the hands of the Smithsonian. Armstrong took one last step for posterity while evacuating the Eagle lander for the trip from moon orbit back to Earth. He tucked a number of small parts from the lunar module into his temporary stowage bag. His wife Carol found the bag while cleaning out one her late husband's closets after he died in August of 2012. More

What customers say they want vs. what they really want
According to the author Paul Bertorelli: I've been covering and writing about businesses of various kinds for a long time and I'm trying to recall if executives always coveted buzz phrases the way they do now. Probably they have, but I just found it less obnoxious when I was younger. (Now, everything is obnoxious. Didn't I warn you about being on my lawn?) One buzz phrase making the rounds a decade ago was "voice of the customer." More

SAR privatization good for UK, other countries
By Mark Huber
The U.K. is embarking on an experiment that will see much of the helicopter search-and-rescue missions that used to be flown by Royal Air Force helicopters now performed by those belonging to the Bristow Group under a long-term contract. If the program succeeds, expect to see copycats spring up around the world. The rationale for privatizing helicopter search and rescue basically comes down to economics; civilians can generally perform many military missions cheaper and more efficiently, save for those that involve actually shooting.More

Pilot and plane reunited 57 years later
The San Diego Union-Tribune
Recently, in one of the remotest parts of northern San Diego's backcountry, Robert Jones gently touched the fuselage of the Navy jet fighter he last saw more than 57 years ago as he was ejecting in cloud cover at 12,000 feet. "I'm sorry," he said to what was left of the plane, taking off his VFA-146 squadron hat and slightly bowing. "It's emotional to look at it honestly," Jones said. "The airplane was almost new. It has less than 12 hours on it from the factory. It was a shame to lose it." More

Runway, hangars to attract new business to North Dakota airport
The Dickinson Press
The new $14 million Bowman Municipal Airport in North Dakota is set to open in late May, and officials with the Bowman County Commission and the Bowman County Airport Authority are hopeful it will boost more than just air travel. "It's gonna be a great asset for years and years," said Bill Bowman, a county commissioner and state legislator from Bowman. One of the main features of the new airport is the longer, reinforced concrete runway, which will allow the airport to manage more traffic.More