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Feb. 20, 2014

Call for women aviators to help out at upcoming fly day
By Maureen Dennie, communications and special events coordinator, Waterloo-Wellington Flight Centre
Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre together with Breslau Flyers/COPA Flight 26 are hosting several events during the Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, March 3-9, and we were getting the word out to COPA members, especially female COPA members to come out and join us on March 8 at the COPA booth at our Aviation Expo that will be taking place the same day as our main fly day!
Please visit our website for all the details.More

The Flying Circus: Night fright
By Garth Wallace
COPA eFlight presents another weekly excerpt from "The Flying Circus," a fun book by Canadian aviation humorist and former COPA publisher Garth Wallace. "The Flying Circus" is a fictional account of the madcap escapades of two instructors who start their own flying school armed with loads of enthusiasm, but little business sense and no money.More

GPS jamming simulation exercise to occur in Ontario
By Marcel Pinon, manager, Level of Service and Aeronautical Studies, Nav Canada
The Department of National Defense is planning to conduct a low-power GPS jamming exercise at Petawawa, Ontario on March 6. A NOTAM will be issued that GNSS navigation might be affected on that day, between 0900-1600 EDT (1300-2000 UTC). The terrain will definitely play a role to the extent of the affected; assume that the intermittent loss of signal may be experienced within the entire cylinder centered at N45°59'4.8'' W77°20'40'' with a radius of 25 nautical miles up to 39,000 feet AGL.More

Business aircraft flying maintains momentum into 2014
Business aircraft activity maintained its positive momentum into the new year, thanks to a robust Part 135 segment, according to the latest TraqPak data from aviation services company Argus. Flying increased 1.8 percent from the same period a year ago, the company said. Part 135 charter activity was up 8 percent year-over-year, marking more than a year of consecutive increases in this segment. More

COPA members can enjoy Sun 'n Fun at a discount
The Sun 'n Fun International Fly-In & Expo will be celebrating its 40th year, April 1–6. The event is a six-day aviation extravaganza that hosts over 500 aviation exhibitors, sponsors and advertisers. The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association is one of several aviation associations Sun 'n Fun is reaching out to in order to provide its members a promotional code that can be used to purchase admission tickets. The Sun 'n Fun 2014 admission tickets will be provided at a discounted member rate. This promotional code can be used online starting immediately.

To obtain the promotional code COPA members should contact the association headquarters at (613) 236-4901 ext. 100 and ask for Cathy Stanton-Gaudon.

Once a member has been provided the code, he or she may purchase Sun 'n Fun admission tickets and upgrades by clicking the following link:

TSB cites pilot error in Canadian helicopter accident
The Transportation Safety Board of Canada reported that the crash of a Bell 206B last May, 75 miles north of Fort McMurray, Alberta, was caused by the pilot's failure to recognize that the aircraft was entering a right-quartering tailwind that reduced the effectiveness of the helicopter's tail rotor. The helicopter — orbiting at a height of approximately 100 feet — experienced an unexpected right yawing motion from which it was unable to recover. The helicopter descended into a stand of poplar trees 60 to 70 feet tall, coming to rest on its right side. More

Cirrus JumpStart Program aims to grow general aviation
Cirrus Aircraft is rolling out a new nationwide pilot training initiative aimed at enticing new students to learn to fly in a Cirrus. The 2014 JumpStart Program introduces a special version of the Cirrus SR20 to partner flight schools that the Duluth, Minnesota-based lightplane manufacturer says makes the ideal training and personal transportation airplane. Cirrus says it will sell 12 brand new, fully equipped SR20s that will be available exclusively to its Cirrus training center partners in select markets across the country.More

TSB: Whiteout conditions, loss of situational awareness a danger to pilots
The Transportation Safety Board of Canada released its investigation report into the February 2013 collision with terrain of a Cessna 210C in Waskada, Manitoba. The investigation determined that the terrain — coupled with the reported meteorological conditions — was conducive to whiteout, a winter atmospheric optical phenomenon in which the observer appears to be engulfed in a uniformly white glow. Whiteout conditions may result in a poorly defined visual horizon that will reduce the pilot's ability to detect changes in altitude, airspeed and position.More

Crosswind landings safety video now available for viewing
Every pilot learns the technique for a proper crosswind landing, but this skill requires more than knowing the proper control inputs. A new video on crosswind landings has now been added...More

WWII pilot showed 'great courage and tenacity'
Western Daily Press
Flight Lieutenant Ian MacLennan, who has died aged 94, was one of the last surviving fighter "aces" to have been involved in the air battles during the Second World War's Siege of Malta. As MacLennan's obituary...More

Government of Canada introduces changes to pilot licensing
Government of Canada
The Honourable Lisa Raitt announced amendments to the Canadian Aviation Regulations, which will set the groundwork for the introduction of the Multi-crew Pilot Licence, extend...More

Fewer pilots navigating the friendly skies
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Bob Rynes of Spencerville, Ind., obtained his pilot's license in September, after spending about $10,000 in flight hours and related training. Rynes said reaching FAA standards may scare off some prospective fliers — and the costs certainly don't help, either. "I know everybody doesn't have that to spend," he said.More

US government passes sleep apnea bill
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill requiring the FAA to go through the normal rulemaking process before subjecting overweight pilots to sleep apnea screening. The FAA's airman medical branch wants pilots with a body mass index of 40 or higher to undergo testing for obstructive sleep apnea, a change many pilots argue will cost them big bucks while contributing dubious safety value.More